Comments for “A Frozen Holiday Wish” Cinderella Castle lighting show debuts at Walt Disney World with first ever Olaf character appearance


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    Robert Waldbauer

    I love that these get shared for those of us unable to see it in person.

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    So, is this part of the Christmas Party? Or, is it taking place of Wishes or something else? Or just a new addition?

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    Brandon S.

    plot twist: Elsa accidentally shoots Ana with ice again while trying to ice the castle and she falls over and castle doesn’t shine until Cinderella comes and earns her right again and completes the show with the original Cinderella castle show.

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    Alex, this is the lighting ceremony that happens every night. Normally it happens before Wishes and it’s for everyone that’s at the park. It is not a Christmas party only event. It used to be a show that had Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the Fairy Godmother as the cast and in my opinion the Frozen isn’t as good as the original show.

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    Roddy Barros

    I could’ve done with a bit less theatrics… I mean, Elsa looks like she’s in a ballet recital. 🙂 But it’s cute anyway. And I bet little girls are fainting over this one. 🙂

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      Elsa is performing as she did in the movie. It’s called being true to character.

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      Bill Silson

      Elsa was absolutely perfect!

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    Oh, and it was even better without another Let it go sing along.

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    Well THAT was boring!

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    Look at all the haters in the comments. Suck it kids Frozen is here to stay! 😀

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      St. Auggie

      Best comment EVER! Love it!

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    Fun. but I enjoyed the Show with Mickey and the gang better.
    And instead of asking the crowd if Elsa should decorate the castle, they should have asked Cinderella.

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      Bill Silson

      Elsa was the obvious choice to turn the castle to ice. She asked permission to do it and received it. All s good.

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    I happened to see this 3 days ago on Nov. 9, 2014, not having any idea that Disney World did this. It was stunning beyond words, almost mesmerizing. The castle in ice changed colors/hues a few times during the night, being blue, pink and I saw a turquoise green once. Even if you have been to WDW before several times, it is worth going to WDW again to see this amazing spectacle. A park staffer told me that it is only on ice like this for about 2 months, ending sometime the first week of January each year. It is also interesting that the castle is becoming part of shows now, and not just this quiet sentinel standing there.

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    sadly I miss the old show or think maybe they should have incorporated Mickey in there or even Cinderella since it is her castle. One more thing needed is a way to have a stroller area, you just can’t move if you’re up close.

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      will this performance happen on Dec 17,18 as well, because I saw a Mickey performance on youtube

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