Comments for D-tales #4 – Test Track Tributes And Hidden Disney History Harken Back To World Of Motion, Classic Walt Disney World

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Credit: Disney


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I think all of EPCOT needs to be rethought. What I would like to see happen is this:

    (1) Every country pavilion should get a ride built and where possible characters from Disney movies set in those countries should be featured. England = Mary Poppins ride; France = Ratatouille ride; Germany = Rapunzel ride or a new Snow White dark ride; Morocco = Aladdin ride; China = Mulan ride. There needs to be something for kids in each of the pavilions.

    (3) Add some more pavilions. My suggestions would be Brazil, New Zealand (because I bet Disney wants to save Australia for DAK at some point), Russia, and India (Jungle Book ride).

    (4) Don’t ever try anything else that is focused on ‘the future’ because the future changes so much now. Instead, they should focus on things that are pie-in-the-sky ideas that will never come true for hundreds of years, if ever. Things like living on other planets or time travel or shrinking down to tiny size. Things like that.

    1. Dallas

      Terrible Terrible and Terrible. You don’t understand what Epcot’s original purpose was do you?

      1. Alex

        I think Jeff was going for sarcasm here.

  2. Alex

    Great article keep them coming. I can’t wait to look for these details on my next trip.

  3. Eric B. Freeman

    Wow, Disney always like to put any references of their own things to their properties, especially to their theme parks.

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