Comments for D-tales #3: Space Mountain Is Filled With Hidden Disney History From Walt Disney World And Beyond

Space Mountain


  1. Chris Wallace

    Also, each one of the scenes in the post show corresponds to a scene in Epcot’s Horizons. Desert: Mesa verde, under sea: sea castle, futuristic city scene: grandfather/grabdmother’s city apartment. (With a robot butler thrown in from the Art Deco scene!)

  2. Reesie

    Wait, do you mean that this exact AA figure was Nipper? It looks too new and “show-y.”

  3. Alex Anderson

    I think the INTL traffic code may be a reference to international drive. Not sure about USTA though.

    1. Alex Anderson

      Oh I figured it out. The last one isn’t USTA. Its VSTA. Or vista. And it says high visibility which is funny because Buena vista means good view.

      1. Alex, you are absolutely correct – I’ll correct the article version and credit your catch 🙂

  4. Dave

    I’m guessing “aFt” was added because “MILF” isn’t exactly a family-friendly acronym.

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