Comments for Review: Disney Infinity 2.0 surpasses original as Marvel-ous sequel packed with endless super hero-sized fun


  1. Mathieu Leblanc

    Actually it is Samuel L Jackson playing Nick Fury in the game , he recorded the voice while filming his scenes for the game reveal back in April

    1. LuckyGamer

      That is awesome. I love when Hollywood does that. It takes you out of the feel of things when voice
      acting isn’t the same.

  2. Alex

    Thanks for the review Ricky. Did you get all that swag for free? If so, sure is nice to be da’Ricky 😉

  3. Robby Y.

    Actually, the Samuel L. Jackson “sound-alike” is the real deal. And while I agree with your views on the voices, it must be noted that the Disney XD cartoon series strongly influenced two of the play sets, Spider-Man being taken straight out of the show. In that show, Hulk talks and has comedic moments, Iron Man sounds nothing like Downey, Jr., and I guess everyone is good enough, though Thor is definitely influenced by his comic book (and even Super Hero Squad) counterpart. I honestly will not get over that while playing the game, but whatever. At least they didn’t try to find too many sound-alikes.

  4. Great post. I’m dealing with a few of these issues as well..

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