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  1. Alex

    Aww man. Hate that the added on $99 dessert date is the only chance to meet Maleficent! She’s my favorite villain!

  2. alex #2

    I know right? For a family of 4, it isn’t worth the $400 it would take to meet her.

    Why can’t they have villian meet and greet

  3. Sam

    It’s a Halloween party and they’re really going to put the, arguably, two most iconic villains in a special room and charge for it? Ridiculous. This trend of charging people more and more for what use to come with the first deal is getting out of hand. I’m still excited to go, just wish my family could meet our favorite villains without breaking the bank totally.

  4. Chrissy

    I have to agree with the other posts. My spn is a huge Kingdom Keepes fan and we planned on going to the MNSSHP just for a chance to meet maleficent. I am disappointed that Disney is charging more to meet her!

  5. Gretchen

    Is this the live action version of Maleficent or the original movie version?

  6. Lindsey

    Do any of you fellow Disney lovers go to MNSSHP sans children? This looks so fun and my husband and I will be there in early October but we don’t have kids. I know it’s not a requirement, but we don’t want to be the creepy adults walking around with no kids (we aren’t trick-or-treating).

    1. Desiree

      Lindsey – My husband and I have been without kids several times, and we have a lot of fun! We never felt creepy at all.

    2. Erin

      Lindsey, I have gone every year for the last 4 years and I do not have children. I have gone with my boyfriend and just with friends and have never felt creepy. I even trick-or-treat! You’ll see quite a few kid-less groups. It’s fun for everyone-so much so that even after moving away from Central Florida I fly back for the Party!


      1. Michelle

        Lindsey! i am 23 and married and i have been several times with no kids myself. i dress up and trick or treat and it is wonderful! everyone is in the seasonal spirit and it is just a whole lot of fun, nobody will think you are creepy!!

  7. Nikki

    So, I’ve heard 2 different things now. Will Maleficent and the Queen be meeting with Aurora and Snow White in the Princess Fairytale Hall? I’m so confused!!! Also, I’m assuming none of the princes (not even Naveen) will be available this year. Correct?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Disney originally announced those characters would be meeting in Princess Fairytale Hall… but then decided to put them in the Villains Soiree instead. The princes are not out this year either.

      1. EricJ

        So who IS in the Hall? (Besides Anna & Elsa.)

        1. Eleanor

          Aurora and Snow (without their Villainous counterparts)

  8. Katrina

    Man:( I really wanted to meet the Evil Queen, my favorite:( bummer. I wanted to see Maleficent as well:( booo! Still waiting for Disney to add Mother Gothel and Ursula …two great villains that are LEFT OUT:(

  9. by which time do gates open for Not-So-Scary ticket holders?
    is it possible to schedule fastpasses?

  10. Sara

    Anyone know how much the magicbands are?

  11. Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Really helps with ideas during the Halloween holiday a very magical time indeed.

  12. Nicole Sigler

    I love Disney world in Orlando Florida

  13. George B

    I was super disappointed in MNSSHP this year. When I found out that the Evil Queen & Maleficent were ONLY at the added $99 event, I was livid. I have been going to this event for over ten years and this would make me think twice about going next year. There is a lot of confusion because during the first party, they were supposedly at Princess Hall with a 3+ hour wait. During the 2nd party (tonight), they magically ended up at the $99 event. On top of that, most cast members are getting confused between the evil queen and the hag in Fantasyland. Get it together Disney – I’m not paying approximately $150 per person to go to the event.

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