Comments for Halloween Horror Nights 2014 mixes classic chaos with new blood as Universal Orlando previews haunted houses, scare zones


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I think it’s good that Universal does this more gorey/bloody version of Halloween. It’s not for me, but I like that the option is there. I prefer the Disney version: colorful, spooky, but not too scary. Halloween to me is about wearing a funny and cute costume and eating candy and fall treats and seeing pumpkins and cute bats and all that. I like the PG version of Halloween. But, I also like that Universal provides the other version. It gives people who like that other version place to go and I think it makes Orlando a better place for all of us.

  2. JThompson

    So my official take away from HHN……the house were NOT scary at all….maybe being a real horror movie fan has desensitized me…..they were TOO predictable and the houses were TOO bright you could see everything coming, and the Universal Employees that were rushing you through the houses was seriously annoying… after standing in line (even though we had purchased the fast passes) for awhile I wanted to take my time in the houses praying that something anything would actually scare me but was unable to, because of them rushing us through it. …The ONLY highlights: 1.The Rocky Horror Picture Show was AWESOME .. 2. The Purge street area was a blast!!!!! Hysterical watching the characters scare the crap out of people!!!!! And 3. Riding Rip Ride at night was fantastic! We arrived early because we are pass holders and to advantage of the early entry( if you call a ½ hour early). We read through the rules about strict screening before entry (someone posted it was like airport security, that person must have looked suspicious or was hiding something…. What a load of crap!), we would have loved to bring our Universal Cups for water but the rules stated no outside drinks or backpacks……but we could have brought in our owns “drinks” or ANYTHING we wanted and they would not have cared. The rules also said no cameras.. but we saw SEVERAL people with cameras, video cameras and even a camera/video camera on a pole that he was bringing into the houses, probably to post the videos on You Tube.. We even had one idiot in the AVP house stopping and taking photos – with a freaking flash no less.. cripes!!!… We were VERY disappointed with the Face Off area (since we are devoted fans of the show)… we thought they were going to have the make ups/ Masks displayed that you could look at and take pictures with…. But what we got was very loud music, a pitch black street and actors on mini-stages with horrible makeup that I did not recognize from the show… and one of the street actors running around too close to the vistor’s and then one of the security guards yelling at the people to not touch the performers… Get it straight, idiots.. I used to religiously go to HHN every year in the 90’s and I was hoping that the houses would have improved over the years…but we were sadly disappointed overall ….. We are glad that we went…..but will probably not go again….

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