Comments for D-tales #2: Historical Details Hidden In Maelstrom, As Frozen Soon Makes Its Move Into More Of Walt Disney World



  1. Marc Morini

    R.I.P Maelstrom.

  2. star-w

    i just hope the forzen ride is worth the closer of this ride

  3. frostysnowman

    I still think this is a bad idea.

  4. Rob

    Could not agree with frostysnowman more. I can appreciate putting character meets in countries, but taking out a historic and cultural attraction and replacing it with a cartoon based attraction just seems to be against the spirit of Norway. I fear it is a slippery slope into losing what makes Epcot special in an attempt to cannibalize on the money little girls get their parents to spend on Frozen.

  5. Harley

    They should have replaced Stitch’s Great Escape with the new Frozen ride and left Maelstrom alone!! We loved that attraction!

  6. christo

    just think its a bad idea to close a ride at Epcot when there are at least what 3 unused buildings a frozen ride could go

  7. Dallas

    People are still crying about this ride? People this was one of the cheapest attractions at Epcot back in the 80’s. 90% of Epcot’s best attractions were removed/destroyed ages ago, you people just getting upset now really need to look back and realize your complaints are too little and waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too late.

  8. EricJ

    If we had Anna & Elsa narrating the history of Norway, I could see the changes.

    But Tom S. seems to be a little too happy on “All your favorite musical moments!”, which pretty much drops the penny right there: They don’t even KNOW WHY the darn thing’s so popular either, all they know is, fans automatically sing along when they hear the same two or three songs. Not exactly a compliment to their own movie. 🙁

  9. Jeff Lynch

    Excellent as always from Kevin Yee. I am really digging his columns here on Inside the Magic. Reading a Kevin Yee article is like listening to a world expert speak on a favorite subject. He is just so knowledgeable. I wish someone would make a documentary of him narrating a trip through all the parks. It would win the Oscar for best documentary on Disney ever I bet.

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