Comments for D-tales #1: Mr. Toad Among Hidden Disney Tributes On The Streets Of America At Disney’s Hollywood Studios



  1. Ha! The STOLport reference is great!

  2. Jeff Lynch

    OMG! Kevin Yee is posting on Inside the Magic now? For real? This is HUGE. Kevin Yee is a Disney expert and probably the best writer on Disney topics there is. I a blown away that he is teaming up with Ricky Brigante, who happens to be my favorite Disney site owner. This is a great day!!!

    1. Greg

      Agree with every word. What a great pairing!

  3. Eric B. Freeman

    You know, I know that WDW is a very huge place with wide open spaces around every. So since that’s a case, Disney could or can eventually think of give Walt Disney World some expansions around and through by adding more parks, resorts, hotels, downtowns, and even more actions and land for most of its parks, including Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom (even though of course I know they already working on Avatar themed-land there currently), right?

    1. Eric B. Freeman

      I meant “attractions” not “actions” sorry about that. Is there a way that I can edit my comment?

      1. Dave

        Eric, it a business and making money for the share holder is what matters. Disney will not expand just to fill spaces.

  4. Andrew

    Thank you very much for this segment. My family is obsessed with finding hidden Mickey’s and things like that. So if I get little tidbits like this I’ll be the king on our trips.

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