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  1. Kyle Linder

    Any word if this iWatch will work with fastpass+ too?

    1. Chris

      No it most definitely will not lol

      1. ron

        I suppose you’re the one that invented the technology then? or perhaps have some information or source to say that this is the case? Who says it wouldn’t work? The technology is similar; our credit cards are linked through the bracelets that get you into the park. The possibility is there.

        1. I don’t think he meant that it couldn’t be done. It was likely his opinion that it wouldn’t be done. I tend to agree since by putting a Fastpass app in the hands of the people, it could open it up to hacking and other modifications that could allow people to cheat the system.

          Plus not everyone will own an iPhone or an iWatch so Disney would have to maintain two systems to allow everyone the chance at using Fastpasses.

          1. ron

            That makes sense Brandon. Thanks for helping me with a different view on his statement

          2. nakajb

            I think this will take place of the mymagic+. All you need is an app. soon as disney creates an app this will be your fastpass, your ticket, your room key. they said bmw has an app that will allow you to start your car with it, starwood hotels has an app that will allow you to open your room with it. So disney can put all of it on their my disney experience app and there you go access to everything.

  2. Helen Ambrose


  3. Nick Ruggiero

    Sounds Incredible! Are they ever going to have it available to use at Disneyland in California?

  4. Bill

    Why does Disney insist on being in bed with Apple and not embrace the fact that more than 50% of visitors to Disney Parks own Android phones and tablets. Google Wallet has been around for 2+ years already and I’ve been using it at Home Depot, Toys ‘R Us and many other places that take NFC payments. This is a big whoop-de-doo IMO. It alienates so many customers if they do NOT come up with an Android Wear solution.

    1. Paul Gibson

      Two things here, 1. I do not thing its 50% of visitors are on android at Walt Disney World, not at all, and number 2. The largest Disney Share holder (thanks to the Pixar Buy Out) before his death was Steve Jobs, Iger is on the Apple Board, and there have always been big roots for Apple/Disney working together….

      I expect even more in the next few years…
      and its not like this service is make or break for your vacation, get a Magic band and touch to pay…..

      1. Of course there’s no way to estimate exactly how many visitors who walk through Disney’s front gate use Android over iPhone or vice versa, but one fact that is true is that Android smartphones hold over 84% of the smartphone market share with iOS devices at around 11% (source:

        With that said, it’s fair to say that on any given day there are likely many more Android devices in the park(s) than iPhones.

        So while you are correct that Apple and Disney are partnering for business purposes, they would have done right by their guests long ago by adding any one of the few supported NFC payment systems used by Android smartphones for years.

        1. Terri

          I think what Paul is attempting to say is: why on earth would a company position themselves by furthering technology based products with a company NOT partnered with them? It makes no business sense. It isn’t as if they haven’t upgraded and still made wonderful advancements. They have just made better advancements within the technology with wich they are currently partnered with. Again, Disney making sound business decisions. Go figure.

    2. nini

      same reasons Disney shakes hand with Starbucks, not Dunkin Donuts 😉

      1. Terri

        Touché- well stated!!

    3. nakajb

      Doesn’t everyone know. Steve jobs owned pixar. Steve jobs was one of the founders of apple and became the ceo of apple again after many years. See the tie in.

  5. Tommy

    Bill, not sure if you realize this, but Bob Iger (Disney’s CEO) is a board member for Apple – so Disney is already very much “in bed” with Apple. On top of that, Apple technology has already been appearing throughout the parks in Florida and California (iPads to control show audio systems, iPhones/iPod Touches to accept tableside payments at restaurants, etc.), so this extension of Apple’s services only seems natural.

    1. It sucks that you are correct. I know for a fact that we as the consumers are missing out on tons of opportunities and probably really cool products and services just because businesses have these “relationships.” In this particular case, Disney could have had touch payments via Google Wallet or Isis for over 3 years now!

      But instead, Apple comes out with Apple Pay yesterday and Disney acts like it’s the first time they’re seeing touch payments via a watch or phone.

    2. nakajb

      and the steve jobs(founder/ceo of apple) connection. I believe he was on disneys board and was the owner of pixar.

  6. Tawny-Raquel Collins

    NOW THIS IS MAGICAL!!! LOVE IT!! Can’t wait till roll out!!

  7. Christine

    Where is the love for the Android phones which have had the technology to do this for quite sometime all ready. I hate that I feel like Disney is trying to force me to adopt Apple products. Share the love guys. Please!

    1. Ezra

      The problem with Android phones is the fragmentation. Android itself the OS has matured to a good Operating system but since the hardware manufacturers and Google are not the same you have so many issues that Apple doesn’t have. I am an iOS developer and produced one app for android. The iPhone apps are so easy to make and with little to know adjustments work on all the apple devices. The android apps on the other hand are a nightmare to maintain because all the different phones are running different versions of the OS, many of them very old and hacked by the phone manufacturers + there is no synchronicity between the different hardware. That’s my take.

      1. Chris

        100% agree. Android comes out with all the latest tech in a hurry, and usually gets it wrong. For those advocating for Google wallet, it is a flop and a system that no one uses. Why would Disney spend the time and money to change their hardware to be compatible with Google wallet?

        1. Both Google Wallet and Apple Pay use NFC. The main reason retailers didn’t swap all their systems out for NFC when it first became available is because it was expensive. However, had Disney does this to appease the Android user base 3 years ago, they would have had the bulk of the system in place that could be readied for Apple Pay if they wanted to switch over. Plus, there’s a Google Wallet app for iPhone too (although prior iPhones didn’t support touch pay).

          The key to touch payment systems is NFC. Disney is going to have to spend the money now anyway, so why didn’t they do it before? Because Apple didn’t have NFC before and Disney and Apple are like two peas in a pod.

          1. Jay

            By supporting apple pay, other nfc tech will come for the ride. Google Wallet, SmartCard and other tech will be supported; but you can’t expect to hear that in an Apple specific announcement.

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  9. Randy

    Keep your phone in your pocket. Leave the expensive watch at home. These magic bands get beat around tapping all the time. The bands are a different color by the end of one vacation. The sun and fun are a harsh environment for magic bands. Have fun!

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