Apple Pay coming to Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse face animates in new Apple Watch

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Apple held the world’s attention today as it first announced the iPhone 6, then added two new products – Apple Pay and Apple Watch – each with a Disney flair.

The newly announced Apple Watch has many unique features to be excited about, but for Disney fans it’s a chance to have an animated Mickey Mouse face digitally on their wrists.

The Apple Watch adds technology to the wrist, allowing sending and receiving messages, answering calls to your iPhone, and even sharing your own heartbeat. Apps will be available for the new device along with the customizable digital faces.

Coming to Disney Store locations and Walt Disney World by Christmas, Apple Pay will allow iPhone 6 users to simply hold their phones up to checkout registers to pay for products without pulling out any credit cards, which will be stored digitally. It’s the next step of MyMagic+, which already allows Disney theme park guests to do just that with MagicBands.

Apple Watch will have Apple Pay features and will debut in 2015 at $349, requiring an iPhone 5 or higher to link to.

Disney is also developing games for the iPhone 6, taking advantage of the new phone’s enhanced processing power.

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