Comments for Walt Disney World’s risqué display in Oogie Boogie’s Freaky Funhouse show was a polarizing but welcome change to add theme park acts for adults


  1. Chrysty

    Watched the whole video and I can kiiiiinda see why parents of little ones might be upset, but as far as this being considered “great adult entertainment”, I don’t see the appeal. Aside from a few funny quips from Oogie here & there, it was long and boring.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It was definitely more enjoyable in person than on video, as acts like this tend to be. It’s like watching World of Color on video (rather boring) versus in person (huge and stunning). With that said, the most important takeaway is that Disney was actively telling its audience that one of their acts was not suitable for young kids. That’s certainly a rarity. It makes you wonder what their plans are for the future of this sort of entertainment… if anything.

  2. Warren

    I watched the video last night and thought the show was good. What exactly was so inappropriate for children or “adult” besides women dancing? Sure it was creepy, but I fail to see why this would upset a small child (or their parents) more than other shows with loud noises and other SFX (note: I have a 2 year old and might have skipped this due to length, etc, but content seemed fine).

    1. Ricky Brigante

      On a personal level, I agree completely. This was fairly tame in the grand scheme of the world.

      But for the more traditional Disney fan, since this didn’t feature the usual assortment of Disney characters being happy happy friendly, it came off as unusual and shocking. Some parents are VERY protective of what their kids see and even seeing a woman with her legs and stomach exposed dancing with fire could be considered inappropriate for them. There were moments of darkness and flashes of light that could be unsettling for sensitive kids. And even the wild motions of the sword swallower could be too “crazy” for some to handle. (Yeah, I know…)

      I personally don’t see much of a fuss with any this and would gladly have taken a 10 year old to see it. I was watching R rated movies when I was that age (younger, actually) so I would have loved this. But everyone’s situation is different and Disney does have to be sensitive to that. But that DOESN’T mean they shouldn’t offer this type of entertainment!

  3. Doris

    Ugh! Wish I was there!!!! It looks amazing!!! Thanks for posting all the pics and videos.
    And can’t agree with your comment more “Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t offer this type of entertainment!” My boyfriend and I go to Disney once a year and a Disney cruise every other year, we looove Disney (add Halloween obsession to that), and have no children. I completely understand and love Disney’s brand as being all about family, but having events geared towards adults and/or older ages, is not only great, but makes complete business sense as the competing parks have some pretty insane events that attract older age groups. I mean, it’s not like they are inspired by the Walking Dead and are having a Mickey Zombie Walk!

  4. Patrick

    This looks great. There should be more events like this… And the disclaimer was THERE… so I am wondering why parents would be freaked out other than they did not read? If you are too prudish, there are 3 other parks to visit…

  5. Olly

    I came to take a look after hearing your description on the podcast and I really hope that doesn’t end up being deemed too risqué for Disney. If I hadn’t been told that some people had complained, I’d never have guessed anyone would have had a problem with it – apart from very young children who might be scared of the dark and the like, there’s nothing in there I’d have a problem showing a child.

  6. Marc Morini

    This looks like a pretty cool show. I can see why maybe some parents may have been a bit surprised or caught of guard by it since it is pretty far out by Disney standards. I wish I had seen it in person myself, although I cant help but feel no one would be making such a fuss over this show if they saw it in any other theme park that wasn’t Disney. I give the show an A for being different and of course having Mr. Oogie Boogie.

  7. Okay, someone has to make the joke.

    The fire dancing girl was hot.

    I feel better now.

  8. Brandy

    Wow are you SURE this happened at a Disney park? I really liked it, but I am amazed Disney went there. I thought the last fire dance act was very well timed and choreographed, and honestly the dancer has on WAY more clothes than the little mermaid or Jasmine, so I fail to see the issue. My 8 year old boy would have loved that show- swords, cross bows, fire, and Oogie- what’s not to love! thanks for posting

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