Comments for PHOTOS: Hogwarts Express celebrates one million riders at Universal Orlando with free Butterbeer ice-cream from Diagon Alley


  1. Eric

    Would that be interesting if Universal Studios would someday think of creating an annual event theming to anime/manga for Islands of Adventure theme park that would be aimed towards fans of anime and manga (Otakus)? Yeah! That would be a good idea. And in my head, it would be contained with eight anime-themed attractions along the way (similar to HHN) like a stunt show theming to Naruto franchises, a show at the lagoon based on One Piece manga and anime, a broadway-style musical stage theming to Azumanga Daioh, a musical fountain show featuring Hatsune Miku and other characters from the Vocaloid voice synthesizer software series, a 35 minute film explaining about the history of anime, an outdoor show based on Cowboy Bebop, a stunt show with special effects based on Black Lagoon, and a concert-like show based on Lucky Star. And also the event would occurred on summer weekend nights of June, July and August. What would you think of that though I know you doubt it?

    1. EricJ

      …We’ve been through this before, haven’t we?

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