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  1. Mark Silverman

    Hello this is Mark Silverman. I do the voice of Rod Serling for all the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attractions. When you see Rod Serling in the pre show that is the REAL Rod Serling from an episode of the Twilight Zone. MY VOICE is coming out of his mouth. There is nowhere else in the attraction where you see Rod Serling. When the ride was being made over 20 years ago the Imagineers wanted a “double” to be seen as Rod Serling lip syncing MY Serling dialogue. They filmed Mr. Rhine and “tested” it out in the attraction, but for one reason or another it did not work and the footage was REMOVED before the grand opening of the attraction. That was 20 years ago. You write above that aside from the pre show appearance of Rod Serling, he is seen in other parts of the attraction and he is portrayed by Robert Rhine. I don’t understand how you can write an article about The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and no so little about it. Aside from the brief moment you see the REAL Rod Serling in the Pre show there is NO appearance of Rod Serling in the attraction. Only his voice is heard and that voice is mine. I’m glad I could clear this up.

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