Comments for Aladdin and Jasmine add a whole new world to Disney Infinity 2.0 with new figures, power discs


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    I’m very excited to see them added to 2.0, but I’m kinda bummed they aren’t getting their own Playset. The Game Gear Aladdin game still brings back fond memories!

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    It seems as though they are no creating as many new wrolds/playsets as they did with the first version. Do you know why? I really enjoy the playsets they had with the first version and wish they would make/create more.

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    I am really happy that Aladdin and Jasmine are going to be in 2.0, but no animated non-Pixar properties have their own playset. Why? Aladdin seems like such great playset material. And what about Frozen or Wreck-it-Ralph as a playset? Maybe they are only making Marvel playsets in this version. How can Big Hero 6 not have a playset, it’s even based on a Marvel property! I’m just hoping the other characters and a playset for Big Hero 6 just hasn’t been announced yet….I like Disney Infinity, but I only like to buy characters when they work in their own playset, or they are one of my favorites. A lot of the toy box only characters are my favorites though. 🙂 I know originally this game was planned for a young boy demographic, and maybe that is mostly who plays it, although my girls and my nieces play it without any boys. Anyway, at lease Wreck-it-Ralph, Aladdin, and The Nightmare Before Christmas could have a playset without worrying that boys wouldn’t play it because it was too girly. Seriously though, if they want to expand their demographic to include more girls, they should make a Frozen playset.

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