Comments for SDCC ’14: “Big Hero 6” preview reveals Marvel-ous mix of humor, high-flying action in Disney’s upcoming animated film


  1. Ray

    Please…Honey Lemon? WTH? This looks like some Japanese garbage!

    1. dr. Watson

      Incredible, Sherlock! How did you deduce that?

    2. Ella

      How xenophobic of you….

    3. EricJ

      THINK SO?????? (Nahh, not with John Lasseter, he -hates- that stuff.)
      Geek points for anyone who knows which “Japanese stuff” the character was trying to homage.

      Still, it’s nice to know that -somebody- knows there’s other characters in the movie–Disney seems to be a little over focused at the moment.

  2. Chaz

    “The huge area was needed to properly give the film its superhero feel, leaving filmmakers hoping that all their efforts in crafting the city will be used again in the future.”

    Are they implying they already want to make a sequel.

    I would not say no to that.

    1. Fred

      No, read the quote again. They are basically saying that they are hoping that their technical efforts in creating a CGI city can be used in again for future projects.

      1. Chaz

        “crafting THE city,” not “crafting A city.”

        It still sounds to me like they were saying they were hoping their efforts in crafting San Fransokyo would be used again, not the technology; they’re hoping for a sequel.

  3. lalalili

    That is the ugliest honey lemon…..ever, I feel like wanna punch this coser for ruin my fav Honey lemon. The armor disaster….no helmet…wrong hair….everything ruined.

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