Comments for Hands-on with Disney’s “Big Hero 6” toy line, exclusive Baymax figure leads new products at San Diego Comic-Con 2014


  1. EricJ

    Yeah, but every time you try to put the armor pieces on the Baymax figure, they keep popping off… 😉

  2. Eric B. Freeman

    You know, would that be very funny, wierd, silly and also impossible if Universal would someday think of building an attraction based on Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie at the Marvel Superhero Island section at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park?

    1. Allie

      Fortunately they can’t. Universal has a very narrow contract with Disney, and really can’t have anything else Marvel-related than what they already have. Universal will be lucky if Disney even lets them keep Marvel Island another decade.

      1. EricJ

        Actually, the contract extends to ALL Marvel, which is why even the Guardians preview at WDW isn’t allowed to have theater “effects”, like the Captain EO theater at Disneyland. (Because then it would be an “attraction”.)

        And as for BH6, Disney made it clear the movie doesn’t resemble the comic, and comic fans already notice it doesn’t resemble the movie.

        1. Eric B. Freeman

          What are you talking about?

  3. JonWes

    Any idea how much the SDCC exclusive will be?

    1. Steven

      I read it’s $30 with a limited number sold each day. To purchase you’ll need to get a ticket which will be given at the Big Hero 6 booth when the exhibit hall opens each morning.

      Good luck! I’m hoping to buy one too.

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