Comments for Frozen Summer Fun event debuts at Walt Disney World as Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf appear in delightful new shows


  1. Susan

    Thank you for sharing this! Very bummed that Disneyland doesn’t have anything like this. Can’t wait to show this to my nieces!

  2. Chaz

    Looks like lots of fun.

  3. Roy G. Lakatos

    The entire Frozen concept if great. However, I went to this today on opening day and for the entire day they had only 1 line for the snow/ice skating and 1 line for the store. It literally takes an house or more to get into either place and I cannot fathom standing in line for an hour only to buy merchandise. I would have spent $200 or more today on merchandise had they had any control over the line where it actually flowed.

    Very disappointed the way everything was set up….they need to go back to the drawing board with this Frozen concept!!!!

  4. Deborah Kieffer

    It’s absolutely amazing. I hope you decide to keep it going after September 1st. I’m doing the WDW pin gala and would stay longer just to see this. Please,Please, Please keep it going!

  5. Claire

    The guy that plays Kristoff is gorgeous! ! Who is he? Also where can I get Anna’s wig???

    1. Rachel

      I don’t know who he is, but they make the (high quality) wigs for the shows so if you want to get an Anna wig like that, you might want to stop looking. Trust me I’ve tried with a sleeping beauty wig.

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  6. Stacey

    Surely there is enough interest & popularity to this to keep it going past Sept.1st. I can only hope & pray it will continue until our trip in December! Please, keep it going & don’t “LET IT GO”!!!!

    1. Well mamdaacia nuts, how about that.

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  7. Sara Dee

    I am very disappointed after my visit to Disney World in June. We were not able to meet the Frozen cast due to 5 HOUR long wait times. And unfortunately they were not at Hollywood studios only at Magic Kingdom. They should have had some type of presence from Frozen in Norway at Epcot. I feel as though Disney was not well prepared for the release of Frozen. The Frozen parade will definitely be a great addition to the park. Maybe we will return next year????

    1. johanna


      They did have them in Norway and the line wrapped around the lake in Epcot. At least you can fast pass them now which is a big improvement! On being prepared, how could anyone know that this movie would be such a hit for the children. They are trying.

      1. EricJ

        Not only that, but they borrowed an idea from Walt himself–
        By handing out Olaf “Autograph cards”, they basically tried to discourage people who wanted to meet the characters in person…..Noooo, not THIS time, thank you.

  8. Bud

    Best. Highschool Play. Ever.

    Seriously, the production values of that show were a step above a high school play but severe steps down from a Busch Gardens show. So, regardless of how many excuses we make for their short time frame, this is far from being a good example of the Imagineers talents.

    Personally, I feel that ALL this Frozen stuff should’ve been held back until the holidays so that they could put the necessary time to create something truly magical. But instead of waiting they rushed it because the popularity of the movie is causing this false and forced sense of excitement that really doesn’t do the movie, the franchise of Disney, proper justice.

    1. Jonathan Y.

      I think Disneyland could do a better job. They do a better job with the story retellings with the Fantasy Faire Royal Theater. The characters have more of a role in the show’s retelling (and the storytellers take a few of the roles in a comical fashion), but it’s designed for a smaller audience (the former Plaza Gardens tent), and only one or two characters are supposed to participate.

      I guess what would do Frozen justice the most and allow for large crowds would be a stage show, but then at Disneyland it would mean either Mickey and the Magical Map would have to close, or Aladdin at California Adventure would have to end.

    2. I completely agree with you Bud. Don’t get me wrong, I love Frozen and all of the songs but Disney is tring to hard to milk the success of it in our faces.

  9. Cassie

    We were able to get in to see Anna and Elsa this past Wednesday at the Magic Kingdom WDW. We went straight there when the MK park opened and had an hour and 45 minute wait. However the pictures were fabulous. Then on Saturday we went to the Hollywood studios and saw the Frozen Sing a long which was also great. The only problem is that you had to stand in line to get tickets for the show about 2 hours before the show started and that all in your party had to be present to get the tickets. We missed buying the frozen merchandise because of the long wait lines (except there was easy access to stuffed Olaf). However, it is near impossible to catch the Frozen merchandise on Disney’s website so it may be worthwhile to some to stand in the store lines at Hollywood studios.

  10. Melissa B.

    On the days with extended hours, will they be running the shows later? We are park hopping and won’t be at Hollywood Studios until later in the day.

    1. Nicole

      To my knowledge everything but the ice skating should open back up. I could be wrong though.

  11. Holly

    I just got home from disney last night. I was fortunate enough that on my last day, i finally had a chance to go to see the welcome parade. Unfortunatley i didnt have a chance to do the sing along but I did wandering Oakens and I went ice skating. everything disney has done with this is just awesome and I loved it! I wish i could have done more with it but i was on a rapid disney trip lol there for a dance competition and I was only in disney for 4 days haha Anyone going… dont miss out on the frozen stuff! its all great

  12. Travis

    I don’t know how we missed this (especially with a Frozen fanatic daughter) while planning our August trip. I contacted Disney and was told the events are limited to special event ticket holders only. Does anyone know if this is true? The special event tickets are sold out, but we’ll still be visiting Hollywood Studios in August. From the looks of things, it would appear that there might be reserved areas for special event ticket holders, but can all park guests see take part to some extent?

  13. anna

    I love frozen <3 but enough is enough lol

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  15. Leah

    I love Frozen <3

  16. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Fun time – FROZEN

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