Comments for Diagon Alley soft opens at Universal Orlando as overjoyed fans pour into Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion


  1. Ray

    Thanks for the video! If I ever go back there, I can skip all of this area except for heading straight for the Gringott’s ride-nothing to see but shops, shops, and more shops! And I’m much more impressed with the Three Broomsticks restaurant than this new one anyway, so I wouldn’t waste my time in here just looking around for any reason. Knockturn Alley did look cool though!

  2. Liz

    My family and I went over the last two days and it was amazing. I didn’t get that many picture or see every shop we were just to excited to play with the wands we got and of course the Gringotts ride. It was open on July 2nd but broke down after a few runs on the 3rd. The ride was amazing we managed to get an unglitched run … Well mostly..the doors in the pre show room stopped working and we were stuck there in the goblin’s office for about 5 mins.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Having been to some soft openings myself at Disneyland (especially for Star Tours), I know what it’s like to be lurking on Twitter, waiting, waiting…and to FINALLY get in. The excitement is palpable in this post!!

    And that pic of the little kid as Harry Potter is priceless.

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