Comments for Universal Orlando unveils Diagon Alley entertainment, interactive experiences revealed – Live shows, Harry Potter money


  1. Universal Bob

    I didn’t know it was going to be so interactive and detailed. Diagon Alley will blow all other parks attractions away. I can’t wait to stand there and watch the shows and eat my Butterbeer ice cream that I paid for with wizarding money.

  2. Tim baker

    Looks like all the talent they have stolen away from disney the past few years is finally showing a little more in there attractions.

  3. MightyGitie

    Omg the puppets look great! Still hoping to be able to buy wizard COINS. I wouldn’t spend them I just want some.

  4. Universal Bob

    Sounds like Tim has a little “potter Envy”.

    1. EricJ

      Now, if they’d just go across the lake and start fixing up Toon Lagoon.

      1. Awesome Eric J,
        Its been 15 years, how wonderful would it be to upgrade or replace Toon Lagoon! It can’t be a lack of content or talent. Its nice to work on the real physical fantasy of water rides to complement all the virtual dark ride films.

  5. Traveler955

    I’m an avid themepark visitor and I didn’t see anything too special with hogsmede village. It was ok, but the cast members working it didn’t add much to the illusion or being able to see the show building right behind the castle while crossing over to the jurassic park section.

    1. Kate

      The employees at Universal are just that, employees. I love both WDW and Universal but the Universal employees will never be castmares. They barely care if you are buckled in your coaster seat, how are they going to care about providing an ‘illusion’ at Hogsmeade? To be fair, WDW has been slightly less magical the last few times I have been there. I guess all the hacking away of their benefits is finally showing :-(.

    2. Graeme

      I had and saw numerous interactions with Universal team members which added to the illusion. The most memorable was in Olanders where they would talk to kids like they were actually witches and wizards and remind them not to use magic in front of muggles.

      1. Senchou

        Same! When I’ve been there in robes with my sister, several team members in Honeydukes have asked if we had permission slips to be out of class, and if our house heads (Flitwick and Sprout, respectively) knew where we were. And those in the Castle are always up for a little inter-house banter. Hufflepuffs love meeting their fellows, and sneering at Slytherins is especially fun when they sneer back.

  6. Victoriaa

    I hope they have it where you can order or create a customized original wand

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