Comments for Transformers Fan Event rolls out at Universal Studios Hollywood with Optimus Prime truck, Hasbro panel, classic concert


  1. Eric

    I would love it if Universal would someday create a musical leaser/fountain show that would be featured a cartoon character named Hatsune Miku to their parks (if they have a big enough money to acquire the license to Hatsune Miku). BTW I know that you may know or if may not know Hatsune Miku who is the world’s iconic fictional pop star singer that first started as a voice synthesizer for the series of singing voice synthesizer computer software called “Vocaloid” and then later on spun off video games and live concerts worldwide after becoming a phenomenon. Yeah! In my opinion, that would be great to have Hatsune Miku in theme parks, particularly Universal theme parks, because I know there are a lot of fans and even fans of Japanese anime/manga loves Miku.

  2. My kids would have absolutely loved this. As a matter of fact, so would I..

  3. I would flip by it every now and then when it was on TV, and just the image of Michael Myers standing behind
    that clothesline as Jamie Lee Curtis stared down at him from
    her bedroom window was seared into my little brain. Equipped with wings, tutu and a magical wand he starts doing what a tooth fairy does and gradually realizes his own lost
    dreams. The good thing about this is that this has become a much awaited night for most people who are spending their vacation at Denver.

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