Review: Figment #1 comic blends Marvel, Disney styles with page-turning fun and just enough childish delight

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The first “Figment” comic hits store shelves tomorrow from Marvel, the second title in the new Disney Kingdoms line following Seekers of the Weird.

Based on and inspired by Epcot’s classic Journey Into Imagination attraction, “Figment” #1 is a joyous read, beautifully drawn in a style that captures the essence of Disney while maintaining its own original feel.

This first “Figment” comic introduces the character Disney fans know as Dreamfinder, calling him Blarion Mercurial. He’s a young inventor at what seems to be a prestigious scientific London institution, under scrutiny for his wild ideas. (You know, electron beams, crystal prisms, gyroscopes, and magnetisms…)

It’s here that Blair inadvertently conjures a figment of his imagination, in a moment straight out of the ride’s famous Sherman brothers song, “One Little Spark.”

The character of Figment in this first issue is written so perfectly that his words easily come off the page as if spoken in his recognizable, boisterous voice.

It’s no wonder “Figment” #1 is entitled “Journey Into Imagination.” It’s clearly just the beginning of the adventure, a definite page-turner that ends leaving readers immediately wanting more.

In addition to the obvious lead character connections to the ride, Disney fans will already pick up on a few other references, including the Future World font used in the comic’s titles.

Though the current version of Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination attraction isn’t the best that’s ever been, the classic spirits of Dreamfinder and Figment are indeed alive in the new Marvel / Disney comic, obvious that those who created it are fans of the original experience.

This second installment in the Disney Kingdoms series is even stronger than the first, appealing to adults and kids alike with a fun blend of sci-fi and fantasy fun. I will definitely keep reading.

Figment #1 goes on sale tomorrow, June 11, 2014, with the main cover (above) and two variant covers (below).


  1. Zach

    Is Figment going to be a limited series or ongoing?

    1. Clay

      I read it is going to be a limited run of five issues but hey – it’s the internet and that could be way wrong. If it is a huge hit it could be bumped to an ongoing series, of course.

      If you dig around a bit you are supposed to be able to buy a 24×36 poster of the main cover for the first issue starting tomorrow – looks like it is going to run about $8.99.

  2. Sere

    Where will this be available to buy? Places like walmart etc?

    1. Katie

      You can buy this at your local comic book shop.

  3. Tony

    Where can I buy theses? Are they parks only?

    1. Katie

      You can buy this at your local comic book shop.

  4. chris

    get this guy some red hair and hes a dead ringer for Carey elwes from the princess bride

  5. Lauren

    Are the dates announced for when the other comics in this series will be released?

    1. Clay

      It’s a monthly right now – next issue is due July 7.Unless you mean other titles in the Disney Kingdoms series in which case I sound pretty foolish!

      1. Lauren

        No, I meant for the Figment series. Thank you for the info!

  6. Jeff Lynch

    I never got the appeal of Figment, though Epcot does really need a character like this. Epcot needs a lot of things though.

  7. I’m amused at how all the Disney*Marvel comics require male characters to wear goggles, and I have no emotional connections to Journey into Imagination since I never saw it growing up, but this still looks interesting enough to consider picking up (which I couldn’t say for Seekers of the Weird).

  8. jake

    Can you purchase a copy at disney theme parks such as Epcot. And thank you so much for posting great videos on inside the magic.

    1. Laura

      A friend got me a copy at the parks, but I have the local comic shop calling me and holding each issue! Of course, I ended up with three copies of the first so I am framing one, saving one for some reason, and reading the last! 🙂

  9. Figment

    Is there a site that carries this series 24/7? I just tried the Disney Store online and its not listed at all. I have also gone to Texas Toys and Collector’s Planet and every single issue was sold out. I went to Down Town Disney the other day, and all I could find was a small stack of issue #2 and when I asked if they had #1, I was told that they had never seen the comic before in their life by the person I asked and that maybe I should try Epcot. I’ve been waiting a while for this comic as a Disney nerd and I’m very worried that I’m going to get screwed out of getting it yet again here at Disney World.

    1. Laura

      Google local comic shops and give them a call! Good luck!

    2. Ambre

      I just picked up a copy of 1, 2, and three this past Saturday at epcot and they seemed to have plenty of each.


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