Comments for Diagon Alley entertains with clever musical performance, puppetry in Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando


  1. Jeff Lynch

    OMG! This is all so impressive. Disney ain’t got nothing close to this by a muggle mile!

  2. Amanda Rose

    This is going to be absolutely insane in person. cannot wait to see this in October! I am completely blown away by everything I have seen. Thank you for all your coverage Ricky! Looking forward to hearing you talk about it on your podcast!

  3. Chris

    sorry, but both of these shows just bored me to tears…and yes Disney has shows that beat this by 10 miles; not on a Univ. vs. Disney rant, just responding to someone who said Disney can’t compare lol

    1. Brad

      Two words: Mine Train

  4. John

    I love watching Mike Aiello talk about just about anything. He is so articulate, passionate, and you can tell that he takes great pride in his work.

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