Comments for VIDEO: Recently-restored 1972 Walt Disney World home video brings back the past in colorful HD


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    At about 7:25, is that wall and mound of dirt the future Space Mountain?

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      Mark Biggs

      Yep, that’s where the put it. It wasn’t opened until 1975, 4 years after the park opened.

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        Thats actually where CoP would be… SM would have been to the left.

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    Ha-ha-ha-ha …… That was my exact thought!
    The back side of water looks the same! No roof on the teacups? And what was the building on fire???

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    Seeing the Navy whites in the Skyway gondola reminds of when the Naval base was the other prominent establishment in Orlando

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    PS I THINK that mound of dirt was Carousel of Progrgess (if I recall correctly, Space Mountain didn’t appear until several years later)

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    I sure miss the characters walking around and meeting them randomly. So much more fun that way.

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    The park was a lot quieter back then…

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    Marilou- that building on fire was a settlers’ cabin torched after an Indian attack. That was part off the story that unfolded on the steamboat ride.

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    Man, was it packed. I don’t know how people even walked with all the crowds!

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    But where are all the scooters and strollers?

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    The most magical place no matter what era. Thank you so much for sharing this video!

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    Great vid, great images. Someone obviously cares a bunch, to go to so much effort. Miss those sights? Just remember, fans, no one at Disney cares if you miss them. They know no matter how badly or permanently wrecked your Magic Moments have become, you’re hooked in, and will keep spending money on the brand no matter what happens to the parks. Now line up like good little soldiers and buy some more Princess/Pixar crap. Stat.

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