Comments for VIDEO: First “Cinderella” live-action teaser trailer released from Disney


  1. Darla

    Cinderella didn’t own a pair or hoochie pumps!

    1. Crystal

      @Darla hahaha! Seriously. Lost a shoe? I’m surprised she didn’t break an ankle. lol

    2. Christina

      Seriously, I was gonna say who the eff could wear these!

    3. Bree

      Yes; the fairy tale pair are slippers, not high heels. These are a podiatrist’s nightmare! But isn’t it just another example of the pains women have gone through for centuries to appear more beautiful.

  2. mika

    Don’t like how high an incline they’ve designed the shoe. Hope its more accurate and lower in incline than this, in the movie.

  3. Sydney

    I find them beautiful. Who’s to say that Cinderella couldn’t have sky high heels? Her fairy godmother could have spelled them to ward off broken ankles or stumbling. The sky is the limit with Disney magic.

    1. Ben

      I personally love the shoe. =)

  4. Caitlin

    More like glass stiletto.


  5. Jp

    Maybe Cinderella is really short. Anyway as long as they keep to the original theme with lots of great special effects.

  6. sam

    nice shoe. worst trailer ever.

  7. jasmyn

    Since when does cinderallas shoes have a gold butterfly? And what kind of tease trailor was that?

  8. lillithfan

    Again??? Drew Barrymore is Cinderella. Leave it alone. It’s played out already.

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