The Future of Frozen – More theme park entertainment, a stage show, TV, and new merchandise from mega Disney hit

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The runaway success of Disney’s “Frozen” continues to astound fans and filmmakers alike. As merchandise flies off the shelves, fetching big bucks on eBay, and lines to meet theme park characters regularly exceed three hours, Disney works hard to develop the next generation of entertainment based on the animated movie giant.

Walt Disney World

Recently, Disney moved a meet-and-greet with Anna and Elsa from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom. At Princess Fairytale Hall, lines to meet the “Frozen” pair are still long, but guests can utilize FastPass+ to skip the queue and cut the wait time down to a mere minute or two.

FastPass+ reservations to meet Anna and Elsa quickly fill up to 60 days in advance, leaving those without them to brave the wait. However Walt Disney World does have more plans in the works for “Frozen” in the parks, says Imagineer Pam Rawlins, show producer for Princess Fairytale Hall in the recent interview below.

Video: Imagineer interview – More “Frozen” coming to Walt Disney World

Rawlins notes there are “lots of opportunities for Anna and Elsa all around our theme parks” and advises to “stay tuned to look to see what’s coming up next.” She sees the popularity of the meet-and-greets with Anna and Elsa as something “we can look at as Imagineers and design attractions around them or different experiences.”

"Frozen" Anna and Elsa at Magic Kingdom meet and greet

Anna and Elsa will not stay at Princess Fairytale Hall forever, seen there now as “visiting princesses” in the same way that Aurora, Snow White, or any other Disney royalty can come and go inside that attraction.

No specifics were offered, but there certainly is more “Frozen” coming. “That whole movie gave us a franchise, gave us opportunities to see them and we’re always looking at opportunities to expand,” added Rawlins.

Until then, those who don’t make it into Princess Fairytale Hall can still see Anna and Elsa in the daily Festival of Fantasy parade.

Video: Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom

Meanwhile Walt Disney World has started using Olaf in their advertisements for their water parks this summer. The world of “Frozen” would certainly be an apt fit for Blizzard Beach, though nothing of the sort has been announced.

(Photo by WDW Fan Boys)

Anna and Elsa did seem to like the idea when I mentioned it to them recently:


The only place to see Anna and Elsa at Disneyland currently is in their Fantasyland meet-and-greet. No FastPass is available there, so guests must wait in lengthy lines to meet these popular characters. Like at Walt Disney World, wait times to meet them at Disneyland often exceed 3 hours, capping off well before the park closes to allow all guests in line to get through.

Starting this summer, Disneyland will reportedly follow in Walt Disney World’s footsteps by adding Anna and Elsa to the park’s parade. Though not officially announced, it is strongly rumored that a “Frozen” pre-parade will soon take place ahead of Mickey’s Soundsational Parade.

Video: Frozen Anna & Elsa meet-and-greet with Olaf in Fantasyland at Disneyland

There is already a bit more “Frozen” to see at Disneyland though. An animatronic version of Olaf sits on top of the snowy cottage that houses Anna and Elsa. By day he talks to guests and by night he sleeps.


Within Disney, there are talks of a sequel to “Frozen” but only in very lofty terms. It’s a natural conversation to have considering the film has earned more than $1.1 billion worldwide.

Sooner, Disney is developing a stage version of “Frozen” for Broadway. Though Disney CEO Bob Iger has repeatedly noted that they’re not rushing that production either, ensuring it is crafted well rather than quickly. But it is definitely in the works, with some members of the film’s voice cast publicly noting interest in reprising their roles on stage.



“Once Upon a Time” viewers were surprised during the final moments of last night’s season finale on ABC as oozing blue goo turned into a female sporting a familiar white braid, clad in blue garments. Yes, it’s Elsa. She proceeded to pull off her glove and shoot ice toward the ground. Many fans are suggesting this version of the snow queen could emerge as a villain on the show. Though Disney is promoting her appearance as being from “Frozen,” they could go back to the original version of the character as written in Hans Christian Anderson’s original fairy tale.

Regardless, it’s sure to attract a whole new audience to the show if it even has a vague connection to the film.


“Frozen” merchandise is selling out just as fast as Disney is able to stock it. Whether in theme parks or at mall Disney Store locations, dolls, dresses, and plush Olaf snowmen fly off the shelves.

During a recent press event in California, Disney Store vice president Jon Storey promised more “Frozen” merchandise would soon be arriving to malls across the country. Days later, it did – but it once again became out of stock almost immediately.

Not long after, in response to frustrated customers, Disney Store issued an update on their official blog creating new guidelines and policies for finding and buying “Frozen” products.

Stores will stock “Frozen” merchandise as it is received, with the exception of dolls and plush items, which will be stocked on Saturday mornings. To buy an Elsa costume (limit one), customers will take part in drawings on Saturdays at participating stores. There is also a hard limit of two “Frozen” items per customer for other select products.

Storey also said there are many new “Frozen” items in development now to be released as the Christmas buying season draws closer.

But don’t expect ample “Frozen” items to be available soon. Disney Store plans on getting more of the current product lines in stock some time in July or August.

The future of “Frozen” is bright as Disney continues to capitalize on the hit franchise. There’s no sign of its popularity slowing down, as movie and soundtrack sales are still strong. Reports suggest an October release of a special edition Blu-ray 3D likely containing new bonus features that every “Frozen” fan will want to own, though nothing has been announced.

There’s no doubt that in the weeks, months, and likely years ahead, “Frozen” will move into its place in Disney history as the most successful animated franchise of all time.


  1. Wouldn’t it be easier if they actually ordered a TON of costumes? By flooding the market with them, the could stop people from buying up as many as they can carry out! Just a thought.

    1. Janelle

      They can and probably have ordered a ton of stuff. My husband is a buyer for a company (computers) but has done retail too. He has stated that it takes 2-3 months for them to make the items in China then it takes a good month or so for it to be shipped and get through customs here. Then additional time to arrive at the stores. It also has to be disbursed across the country which would limit the amount of items in each store. I’m sure it’s just that Disney wasn’t expecting it to be this popular. I just hope they have the orders big enough for Christmas time!

  2. EricJ

    …Remember when we were this goofy over the Lion King? 9_9

    (No, some here are probably too young to.)

  3. Chaz

    It warms my heart (pun intended) to know that we can expect a lot more FROZEN in the future.

    Anyways, I really hope Imagineers are not implying that they are developing attraction(s) for Walt Disney World and ignoring Disneyland. I understand that Disney World has a lot more room for expansion, but surely they can figure out something. We love FROZEN just as much over here on the West Coast.

  4. Sam

    Well, reading this article and the tweet you posted about Frozen possibly taking Blizzard Beach; I created this tumblr post about my reactions and what should happen with Blizzard Beach. I hope you guys read it. 🙂

    1. dianne

      Sam I totally can see this Frozen vision in Blizzard Beach. I hope Disney contacts you to work out a deal for your ideas!

    2. lorraine barker

      Hopefully they dont forget Paris We’d love a meet and greet here

  5. Diane Wilshere

    There is an interview with the show runners of Once Upon A Time on Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch. They state that Elsa will be similar in take to her movie form.

    1. EricJ

      (Like they’ve ever stuck to the original non-Disney versions of the stories BEFORE…)

    2. Janelle

      I hope not, the whole cliffhanger was in fact that it was something so scary that it had to bottled up in Rumples basement. I love that the show takes the characters and puts them back in the “original” form… If you read original fairytales they are very dark and scary. The show is more a nod to those stories. I absolutely love what they did with Peter Pan!

  6. Trinity

    We were so disappointed after 2hours of waiting in the hot sun..sweaty and tired crying children sitting on the ground because strollers were not allowed in and they are not even allowed to sit along the walls while waiting! When it was our turn to come in, I expected much more than just a little tiny place they made out of part of a restaurant. They only thing kids can do here is taking pictures with Elsa and Anna. These characters should be included in the royal hall to save millions of us standing in the sun for hours if Disney was more considerate of the well being of our children who travelled from far away to come see them. Maybe we deserve to know exactly what we are lining up for. We could had spent those hours for different attractions for the limited time while we are here in Disney. I think they made us spend more time waiting than seeing different attraction. Maybe they purposely do that so we will have to go for multiple days instead of just a day or two. It’s a place for children to enjoy yet they are purposely making these children wait in these long lines under in unbearable sun rays…they are thinking of filling up their pockets than our miserable children!

    1. Michelle

      1) I’m assuming you went when it was at Epcot. It HAS been moved to the Royal Hall. In fact, that mentioned in this article. It was only intended to be a short term thing at Epcot after the movie came out but was so wildly popular it was extended and then moved.

      2) There is a VERY good reason for the no stroller rules – fire safety. In the event of having to evacuate the line, having strollers in there would be a nightmare. Not to mention the fact that strollers take up a LOT of space. Do you realize how much longer the line would be if filled with strollers? You can’t bring them into any other line so why would you think you could do it for this one?

      3) “They only thing kids can do here is taking pictures with Elsa and Anna.” Was this your first character meet-and-greet? That’s all they ever are! It was listed as a meet-and-greet so your expectations were clearly much higher than they should be. Sometimes the characters have themed areas and sometimes they pop up somewhere in the park, but the interaction is still the same. Walk up, say hello, hug, get autograph, pose for picture, move on. What more did you want from them? 30 minutes set aside just for you and your kids to have a snowball fight?

      1. Donna

        No she is referring to Disneyland. The line is ridiculously long and the “palace” is half of a restaurant. It is very small and dinky/

  7. Jeff Lynch

    Why not just retheme Blizzard Beach into Arendelle?

    It would work really well with Olaf everywhere…having fun in the sun as a snow man.

  8. Michael

    @Trinity – get a handle on yourself, and your expectations for that matter. They presented what they offered, a meet and greet. There was no implication of some icy wonderland with talking reindeer and a snowman that comes to life. I mean, seriously. No one forced you to wait in line, you could have left. Additionally, the no stroller rule is actually IN THE BEST INTEREST OF YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. All those strollers would be a fire hazard. Your sense of entitlement is staggering. Hey, I went to Target the other day and they didn’t give me my items for free! I think I will write a letter…

  9. Charlie

    Can some Disney exec give us a reason for not allowing ANOTHER pair of Elsa & Anna in Epcot’s Norway BESIDES the one in Princess Fairytale Hall? Seriously, what is your pointing in making this 4 hour waiting thing to your Guests? It’ s beyond me really.

  10. Jeff

    Frozen today is alot like Snow white and Cinderella was during thier time. I think to use Blizzard beach for Frozen, just wouldn’t be enough for the amount of success it has had. It has set records and would be a Gem if they created a good size park,( like animal kingdom)to bring in the fans of the movie.


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