Rivers of Light lagoon show announced for Disney's Animal Kingdom, bringing nighttime life to Walt DIsney World - Inside the Magic

Comments for Rivers of Light lagoon show announced for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, bringing nighttime life to Walt DIsney World




  2. KIM B

    LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!


    awesome indeed!

  4. Chaz

    Guys . . . I’m moving to Florida. I’m actually going to do it this time.

  5. Tiffany

    Awesome 🙂 hope it’s running by 2015 🙂

  6. Chaz

    Wait! Floating lanterns?!

    . . . and at last I see the light . . .

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  7. Jason

    I hope it rocks like the World of Color show in California Adventure.

    1. Disneylover157305

      I know I’ve always wanted something like world of color in disney world

  8. Brian Griffin

    Show won’t be up and running till 2016 from what I understand.

  9. Helene von Schimmelstine

    hmmmm, not liking all this cartoon-ish development, and I include Avatar in that comment.

    1. Dan

      Thank God Disney wasn’t started from cartoons…lol 😉

      1. Robin


    2. Kathleen


  10. Chris

    Thanks Ricky for all these updates. Always exciting to see what new things are coming around the corner.

  11. Adam

    Nighttime safaris?

    1. Disneylover157305

      I know right?? How would they do night time safaris keep the animals up late?

  12. Eric B. Freeman

    I wonder Disney’s Animal Kingdom would someday be included a section that is themed to pets like cats and dogs and as well a parade which would be celebrated for tributes of every famous animal stars and icons past and present.


    I hope new nighttime Entertainment show will have seats!

    1. Disneylover157305

      I don’t think it will it’s like world of color in Disneyland world of color doesn’t have seats and + where would you put the seats? On the peek of Experdition Everest? Lol

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