Rivers of Light lagoon show announced for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, bringing nighttime life to Walt DIsney World

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park will be getting big nighttime entertainment in the form of a show over the park’s lake.

The show is called “Rivers of Light” and will combine live music, floating lanterns, water screens and animal imagery. It will take place on Discovery River, between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest.

Kalogridis also shared a video update on the ongoing “Avatar” project, bringing the World of Pandora to the park.

Video: Avatar update, River of Lights announced for Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World

No further details have been announced yet about Rivers of Light, but concept art was released. Click the image below to enlarge.


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    KIM B

    LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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    awesome indeed!

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    Guys . . . I’m moving to Florida. I’m actually going to do it this time.

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    Awesome 🙂 hope it’s running by 2015 🙂

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    Wait! Floating lanterns?!

    . . . and at last I see the light . . .

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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    I hope it rocks like the World of Color show in California Adventure.

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      I know I’ve always wanted something like world of color in disney world

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    Brian Griffin

    Show won’t be up and running till 2016 from what I understand.

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    Helene von Schimmelstine

    hmmmm, not liking all this cartoon-ish development, and I include Avatar in that comment.

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      Thank God Disney wasn’t started from cartoons…lol 😉

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    Thanks Ricky for all these updates. Always exciting to see what new things are coming around the corner.

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    Nighttime safaris?

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      I know right?? How would they do night time safaris keep the animals up late?

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    Eric B. Freeman

    I wonder Disney’s Animal Kingdom would someday be included a section that is themed to pets like cats and dogs and as well a parade which would be celebrated for tributes of every famous animal stars and icons past and present.

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    I hope new nighttime Entertainment show will have seats!

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      I don’t think it will it’s like world of color in Disneyland world of color doesn’t have seats and + where would you put the seats? On the peek of Experdition Everest? Lol

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