Comments for PHOTOS: ‘Big Hero 6’ stills reveal lead animated characters ahead of first trailer from Disney, Marvel

big hero 6

Credit: Disney


  1. Eric B. Freeman

    I know the fact after this movie, there is another upcoming Disney animated film which is will be out soon next year that is called Zootopia. And the reason I mentioned this is because I know that Zootopia will be the 55th animated feature film by Disney. And since that will be happened next year, would that be possible if Disney will celebrate the 55th debut of that animated movie like how they’ve celebrated the 50th release of Tangled?

  2. Eric B. Freeman

    You know, it would very funny, wierd, silly and also impossible if Universal would someday think of building an attraction based on Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie at the Marvel Superhero Island section at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park, wouldn’t it?

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