Comments for Maleficent and Merida join Disney Infinity 2.0, showing off their moves in new trailer


  1. Since1976

    Can’t wait! Of course, the first question on everyone’s minds will be “When we get a new non-Marvel playset?”

  2. blizzy14jazza

    Really like these figures. Their bases really match the films. Merida’s is inviting and Scottish and features a (glowing?)will-o-wisp.Maleficent’s is dark, mysterious, and thorny like in the movie. Here’s hoping for Guardians of the Galaxy, Stitch, and Nick Fury confirmations at E3 2014!

  3. Eric Ramocki

    I just realized in the last picture, there is Obi-wan in it.

    1. guirodri

      No, I think he is a Scotsman from Brave.

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