Maleficent and Merida join Disney Infinity 2.0, showing off their moves in new trailer

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Disney Interactive officially announced today the latest playable characters to appear in the 2.0 Edition of Disney Infinity – Merida and Maleficent. A new gameplay trailer, featuring a glimpse into how the characters will interact in the game, has also been released.

The timing of the announcement is intentional, falling on the same day “Maleficent” arrives in theaters. The version of the “Sleeping Beauty” villain seen in Disney Infinity 2.0 resembles the Angelina Jolie version, not the original animated one.

Maleficent: The wicked title character from the upcoming Walt Disney Studios film employs numerous magical powers and can attack using her magic in melee and ranged combat. To defeat enemies, Maleficent has the ability to utilize projectile and area of effect attacks that affect multiple targets within a specified area, brambles that she summons from the ground and ravens that she can call on to attack targets.

Merida: With her untamed fiery red locks, this headstrong Princess will definitely leave her mark in Disney Infinity. Between her sharp sword and bow combo attacks with ricocheting arrows, she can upgrade her aim with elemental freeze arrows, freezing enemies in front of her then following up with rapid shots showing off her impressive athletic skills as an archer and sword fighter.

Merida and Maleficent will be playable in the Toy Box 2.0 mode of the game, along with all characters previously released for Disney Infinity. Both characters will be available in retail stores this fall.

Disney Infinity 2.0 will also contain many Marvel characters, dubbed Marvel Super Heroes edition.


  1. Since1976

    Can’t wait! Of course, the first question on everyone’s minds will be “When we get a new non-Marvel playset?”

  2. blizzy14jazza

    Really like these figures. Their bases really match the films. Merida’s is inviting and Scottish and features a (glowing?)will-o-wisp.Maleficent’s is dark, mysterious, and thorny like in the movie. Here’s hoping for Guardians of the Galaxy, Stitch, and Nick Fury confirmations at E3 2014!

  3. Eric Ramocki

    I just realized in the last picture, there is Obi-wan in it.

    1. guirodri

      No, I think he is a Scotsman from Brave.

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