Comments for Harambe Nights announced as new evening entertainment for Disney’s Animal Kingdom with special Lion King performance


  1. Duston

    Yeah, this does not sound very interesting at all, especially for $119.

    1. David

      I agree it sounds very dull.

    2. Arlene

      This sounded like something fun and new to do…until I saw the price. Then the mention of the “Avatar” land left a bad taste in my mouth. Ugh.

      1. Jaz

        Agreed. To think the only new thing this year was a coaster and that’s it. Everything else comes in 2 years or more while universal keeps stepping it up. Sad really. Last year with annual pass. Maybe I’ll come back in 2017.

  2. Heather

    Yeah, to spend more than you would for a single day admission for 3 hours of entertainment doesn’t make sense. I hope they either clarify what is included or drop the price.

    1. Dan

      How is this different than a Broadway show or concert?

  3. Jaz

    I understand the price for the safari but for this? To eat food with a bunch of strangers and watch a show that could be replaced by watching the one during the day at the park? No thanks. Maybe include it for free to annual passholders. Another reason why I’m not renewing my pass.

    1. Dan

      Because you’re greedy?

  4. alice

    I will not be going to this! It is overpriced like so many of the other extras. The holiday parties have gonnen high for what you get. Many years ago, the parties were fun and you got a lot for your money!

    1. Melody

      Is the Lion King show being performed in their new location yet?

    2. Tracy

      Agree with everyone – this money will be better out to my premium annual pass which is going up and up! And I agree about the VMCP and MNSSHP – no more free photo or button and the prices are a bit out of control. The new idea at Disney seems to be paying a lot more for a lot less. 🙁

  5. steff z

    Look at the guest hosts! And a live orchestra! This is pretty much a broadway show.

  6. Janice W

    So excited I have booked immediately cannot understand why people are so quick to be negative. Impressed with what has been offered.

  7. Don

    I think this is great!
    It’s like the Christmas show at Epcot but only for a select few and that is always a good thing. Disney is for the rich and famous so go ahead and keep dividing them form people who need to “save” money to buy a cheap $100 park ticket. This is exactly how Walt had envisioned it and it’s totally in his spirit and because of that a great fit together with the Epcot premium show location with booze and food for money and the “I don’t want to leave Epcot yet to get my money and give me more booze and food so I don’t need to walk out of the park with those poor folk. I just love Disney. #sarcasm.

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