Comments for FastPass+ now available to see Mark Hamill, more celebrities during Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World


  1. Ugh. Fastpass+. It really isn’t fair — cast members can’t use it ‘yet’. (If ever.) So we don’t get to experience things. 🙁 Guess I’m missing out on Hamill.

    1. Michelle

      I know I have been trying to be patient but it seems cast members are at the very very bottom of the list and thats not fair rides are one thing we can always come back and experience it but shows that only happen during certain times that I wait all year for finding out I may not get to see it b/c of fastpass+ is upsetting and disappointing 🙁

  2. Evan

    I’m debating on whether or not to give up my Toy Story fast pass to get the Stars of the Saga the first weekend with Peter Mayhew.

    1. Becky Pearson

      The day of the event additional Fastpass+ will be available at Kiosk

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