Comments for WonderCon 2014 arrives to Anaheim as smaller sister of San Diego Comic-Con, includes “Frozen” panel on story and song


  1. DisneyFan

    I think I need to learn how to build an R2-D2….. 🙂

    1. Gman829

      Looking forward to this every year! one of my favorite conventions…and I’m from San Diego 😉 the venue is great, the people are great, the workers are GREAT, unlike our yellow jacket security who yell at attendees each year down her at our SDCC. they have plenty of food trucks available out front as well as close by in the neighboring blocks to the convention center. If you are tired of trying to score tickets to the SDCC and need your convention fix…Anaheim Wondercon WILL NOT disappoint…unless of course you are looking for BIG HOLLYWOOD that took over the San Diego Comic Con. I’ll be there Easter Weekend 2015…hope you attend as well.

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