Comments for Walt Disney World delivers Seven Dwarfs Mine Train invitation with dedication planned for May in press preview event


  1. JSun

    “Mine” must have gotten last in the mail – and I’m totally available!

  2. Kelly Morris

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are my favorite!!!! She is my favorite Princess!!!!

  3. Steven Lewis


    That’s great news! My family and I will actually be there the 29th through 2nd. Perhaps we will run into you along the way.

  4. Timothy Lewis

    I can hardly wait to ride this ride! When I first heard that they wanted to make this ride, I was like: YES! TY Disney for making this ride come true! I will be there in 2016 to ride this! I can’t wait! 🙂

  5. Nicole

    I keep checking for FP+ to magically appear for the 29th just in case they plan to test it out on us regular folk first! Lol. Fingers crossed!

  6. Lou Prosperi

    Looks very cool… I would LOVE to get my hands on that stuff!

  7. Jeff Lynch

    Too little too late I think. Let’s face it, Diagon Alley is going to put the Magic Kingdom out of business. Nobody is going to be riding a kiddie coaster when they can ride the Gringotts Mine Ride and also ride the Hogwarts Express. My friend says he thinks Disney might even have to close one or more of its parks (probably Hollywood Studios) because Universal is going to have all the business from now on. And Disney will have to close some of its hotels soon too because people do not want to stay there no more and they want to be where the action is, at Universal. I give Disney maybe five to ten more years of being in business and then Universal will probably buy them out because Universal is making all the money and Disney is the past.

    1. Sora

      This comment makes me laugh. Haha.

      1. April P

        Me too, Sora! Disney and Universal are very different IMO and I dont see one or the other going away any time soon. I personally will be mostly going to Disney and only sometimes going to Universal because I am not big into Harry Potter and I’m not big on roller coasters either. Also, Universal doesn’t even come close to Disney when it comes to theming their parks etc. Minus Harry Potter area if you are a big fan, I suppose. I know alot of ppl that feel the same as me. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if more ppl started going to Universal. The lines would be less at Disney which is always a plus!

      2. Brent


    2. Traci Vinson

      OMG! I really thought you typed this on April 1!! Sorry you are so miserable that you feel you have to trash anything other people are excited about…that is right, we are excited about this “kiddie coaster”! Glad you will be at Universal…WE will be at Disney WORLD!

    3. Meredyth

      The last name is fitting. I think if Disney is hurting, which I can not see, they could just up the fees on the Marvel brand.

    4. Paige

      LOL you’re hilarious

    5. Jack

      Disney? Are you sure we are thinking of the same Disney because last time I checked Disney makes much more money. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter did not close Disney Parks and no Universal expansion ever will.

    6. Bill

      Why are Universal fans so concerned with what Disney is doing? It would seem to me that Universal fans are very concerned with the upgrades and additions at Disney and I have to wonder why? My family and I just visited WDW and Universal Studios last September and we enjoyed both; however MyMagic+ and the benefits of having everything on the magicband was a wonderful touch and something that we truly missed when transferring over to Universal Studios. The reality of the situation is both WDW and Universal Studios caters to two different audience types and as much as I am excited about the Harry Potter expansion I am equally as excited about the Seven Dwarfs ride, Avatar land, Downtown Disney expansion and a possible Star Wars land and/or Cars Land addition at WDW (obviously the last two are just rumours at the moment.) My advice to you Jeff is to stop trolling and just enjoy both WDW and Universal Studios for what they are and for what they have to offer!

    7. Kellee

      That’s funny. You obviously don’t have small children.

    8. MQ

      Why would Universal buy a failing business?

    9. Brent

      everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I do think that disney needs to take notice that universal is doing a fantastic job of what they do, but this comment is laughable. Disney will not close any parks nor will it be going out of business…sorry, just not gonna happen. but, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that is mine.

    10. Jennifer in Florida

      Hilarious.. I’m local and see no reason to have Universal passes but we do have Disney passes. Most of the rides at Universal have a 40″ minimum height. In other words, any children under 4 have nothing to do at Universal other than ET.

      I enjoyed Universal as a teenager, a brief span where I thought Disney too childish. But, as an adult, I much prefer Disney’s wide appeal to Universal’s narrow focus audience.

      Universal has its place, not discounting it as a theme park, just saying that Disney and Universal do not share the same audience. Universal would have to make some pretty large changes to capture Disney’s ‘family with kids’ crowd. It would have to have more culture to capture the adults without kids crowd as well as they have nothing that compares to Epcot.

      I know it’s surprising, but there are people who really didn’t care one way or the other about the Harry Potter series.

    11. Jennifer

      Disney owns Marvel so I see Disney uping what Universal has to pay for royalties to use the Marvel characters. Plus Disney is opening Avatar land next summer!

    12. Lauren

      Woah…is this for real? Jeff, Disney World will never, ever, in a million years, be outdone by universal or any other entity in the world. If Disney closes ANYTHING, it’s because they want to…not have too. The idea of it makes me laugh.

  8. DisneyFan

    How do you get all of these things in the mail Ricky? I would like to get something like this from the events at Disneyland Resort

    1. Lisette Raynor

      Thank you so much for sharing this! Wow we have been so excited for the opening and we know it will likely create gridlock in that part of New Fantasyland for a while.

  9. Lindsey

    Any indication on how this will affect normal guests? We are scheduled to be in the MK May 1, but will switch to May 3 if there is a chance large areas will be closed.

  10. Crystal

    Wondering if anyone thinks there might be a soft opening of the ride before the press event? I am visiting April 26 and am desperately hoping there’s a chance I can ride!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Highly likely.

  11. Marco

    Do you think the Magic Kingdom will be extremely crowded on the days of the “dedication”?

  12. Ken

    Very cool. You’ve got my retirement dream job.

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