Comments for Walt Disney World adds more FastPass+ reservations, park hopping to MyMagic+ offerings


  1. Eric S.

    I still think you have to allow people to use the MDE app, or those kiosks are going to be mobbed. What is the downside of allowing the app to be used? Perhaps there is some technical reason that’s over my head. But, you have the ability to make FP reservations there, you should use it.

    1. Amy

      The kiosks are already super busy, but maybe now that day guests can pre-reserve that will change. It’s been my experience that the app and website are both already really slow and not very stable. I’m guessing they don’t want to add more stress to that. I hope eventually they will have it working and allow additional passes to be booked via mobile.

    2. Allie

      This is not true. Everyone’s final fast pass will be at a different time so the kiosks will not have a set rush period. I was just in Disney last week and never saw a line at a kiosk. I think that going to a fast pass kiosk (not the app) for extra fast passes is good because then people will need to put forth more effort to get a new fast pass, allowing those who don’t have magic bands to get initial fast passes (verses in advance).

  2. Joe

    Eric how would that make the machine any more mobbed than the old ones? There will soon be just as many. They are switching them all to fp+

  3. Lynn B

    I agree not allowing Onsite guest to use the MDE experience to add the extra rides is punishment for those guest. It should be allowed for onsite guest.

    1. josh t

      Why just onsite guests? Why not pass holders too? Onsite guests should not have spoiled and pass holders get treated any differently!!

      1. Gale Witt

        I agree with Lynn B. I have been an annual passholder for years and do not always stay in the park because we live relatively close to Orlando. Why shouldn’t the annual passholders have the same if not more opportunities to use fast pass plus.

  4. Lynn B

    It will take longer at the kiosk as you have to pick the experience and then the time Before you just inserted your key or ticket and out came a time and fast pass

    1. Riley


  5. Steve b

    The Magic + is a joke it’s another way for Disney to track you and yes the RFDI chip does track you and your purchases along with the fast pass part is crazy was at WDW 3 weeks ago and the wait time for Pirates was 60 Min that ride never had that long of a wait time unless it was holiday time it also never had fastpass

    1. Rosie

      Steve I disagree about the Pirates wait. I have gone when ther has been no wait, a 20 minute wait and a 60+ minute wait. I think the fast pass in itself is just an extra headache

  6. Vanessa

    I totally agree that the kiosk lines will be mobbed with people. They should let us haave access to this in the app.

  7. ADR

    This is prolly preliminary and Disney will extend the reservation system to the app once they iron out all the kinks.

  8. josh t

    I think this is dumbest idea ever and we as a family been coming for the past 8yrs note and have mega bucks and not to have them say, visit a kiosk is ridiculous and outrageous!!!!!! Seriously, if Disney direct keep up with Universal, they will get left behind with who has the better parks/rides!!!! Get rid of the CEO Eiger and his greedy coworker bosses, Disney could be a fun a fun place again!!!!!

    1. Matt

      How many fast passes do offsite guests of Universal get? Oh right. None.

      1. Maryl

        On site guests at Universal get Express Pass which gives you express access to most rides in both parks. This is a great perk.

  9. Lisa

    I liked the FP+ since we stayed on property this trip. Staying on property was a special treat and an exception that does not usually happen. Annoyed at the preferential treatment to people staying onsite.

  10. tim

    I don’t think there gonna be that bad your gonna make your reservations for the extra passes later in the day in most cases when the terminals have been through the rush. I like being able to have to do it in the park and not on the app as well makes it fair across the board for those who are looking to do the extra s.

  11. Stephen D

    Do the additional passes still need to requested from the park you want them in or can I requested the additional pass from a kiosk in the Magic Kindom for a ride in EPCOT?

  12. ChrisB

    This whole FsstPass+ system totally disenfranchises guests who live or winter in the area and decide to spend a day in t he parks. Unless you plan way ahead, like before you even get to Florida, the only passes are late at night if at all. We wanted to come over to Epcot for a day during the Flower Show and decided the night before that Monday was a good day for us and I tried to get a FastPass for Soarin on line through MDE and the earliest time was at 5:30 at night, later than we had planned to be in the parks. I am really wishing that I had purchased our tickets (no expiration tickets) since it appears that there will be little chance of being able to make a day trip and do any rides unless we make plans way in advance. I have a question, what if you go through the process of arranging Fast Passes and then the weather is inclement? Do you lose the FP or get to use it another day? My current impression for this whole system is “epic fail”

    1. You’re kind of making it sound like you’re somehow not allowed to ride a ride unless you have an FP+ for it.

      It also sounds like you’re making an FP+ more valuable than it actually is. What happened when you got an old FP and then it started raining when you were supposed to come back? You got over it, presumably.

      1. Sue

        I was there in March and we used the FP+ and made reservations that same day for the morning. We were en route to MK and made late morning FP+ – it was the last week in March too and every park was a mob scene. Perhaps you had an unlucky day with the FP+ – have hope! The kiosks were mayhem though. I felt bad for anyone in the kiosks but could not believe that so many people had no access to mobile or computer website ahead of time. I hope that when we go back in May it won’t be as busy as March and we can utilize the 4th and 5th FP+ at the kiosk. I hope you have been success in the future!

  13. ChrisB

    typo….I wish that I had NOT purchased our tickets.

    1. David

      Chris if you going to Epcot in the morning there is still a chance to get a Soaring Fast Pass for an earlier time. Slots are left open throughout the day for day guests. Try not to use to use the kiosks at the front as they are busier. There are extra Cast Members to help. Even with the old system Soaring would fill up quickly. I used the system last week and it went very well

  14. Barbara Smith

    Do they still have the restriction that you can’t get a FP for Soarin and Test Track on the same day? I was there in March and this rule infuriated our entire party of six.

    1. Bob

      Yes, that rule is still in place. You fix that though with your touring style. Set your fast pass for one and when the park opens go directly to the other. Works fine that way. You would have had the same issue with the old fast pass. Only now you don’t have to run to the kiosk to get your first paper ticket. With the old system you would have to wait for the return time before you could get the next ride. Often this meant the fast passes were all gone or it meant you couldn’t get anything till much later. The same happens now on FP+

      The real answer is to get more E ticket type rides in Epcot to diffuse the crazy wait lines for Test Track and Soarin’

      Good luck, have fun!

  15. Mark

    I have been brining my wife and daughter to Disney World for at least a week every year for 15 years. I stay at the Contemporary Hotel, and spend a lot of money there. This new system greatly disappoints me at the prices keep raising and the amount of fun we can have will be greatly reduced. I have already booked our vacation this year, and am thinking amount cancelling it. Either way, this will be our last visit to Disney.

    1. Riley

      We also go every year and our last trip, first with FP+, was a disappointment. We were used to going on tons of rides and FPing TT and Soarin over and over in a day, FPing Thunder multiple times a day. Being able to still pull FPs for Soarin in the evening. Those days are over sadly. Our last trip we got far less for our money. Rode dramatically less rides. Felt like the system was working against us not for us.

  16. Michele

    Okay…I am happy on one hand but on on the other I am totally confused. If I plan to park hop should I use my 3 fast pass advance choices for the morning park and hope there will still be some left for the evening park? After all this just puts me back to the legacy system of fast pass. Or do I make sure I am at Early EMH Rope drop for the morning park and just race to my must do rides there and save all my Fast Pass choices for the evening park so I can still ride popular must dos at the 2nd park. Of course this means I might not get the extra Fast Pass at the 2nd park BUT at least I will have my top 3 picks waiting for my arrival. I am so confused.

  17. On one hand, great! On the other, I’m pretty spontaneous when it comes to rides but hate waiting around for shows. For me, the biggest benefit to FP+ is being able to reserve spots for parades and fireworks. That basically neuters this new upgrade in FP+ service.

    My constructive change would be to let you access it via app, and to let you replenish FP+ as you use it. So, for example, once we’ve cashed in our FP+ for the 3:00 parade, we get to have another one (while the other two slots are still taken up by the Electrical Parade and Wishes).

  18. Rosie

    Does anyone remember the days when the “fast pass” didn’t exist. It sounds like people think if you don’t have a FP you cannot get on any ride, see a show etc. which is not the case. All you need to do is wait in line, like we ALL did before the FP was created

    1. Chelsea

      I’m with you, Rosie! Waiting in line is certainly not the end of the world. Ever since FPs were introduced we only would use them for the ‘big’ rides. When you think about it, there really aren’t that many rides within the parks where a FP will make a great deal of difference.

  19. Chelsea

    Perhaps this will also be the day Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train will be added as a FastPass+ option — the timing with the media event makes is perfect! I could see Disney quietly adding it in once the new updates have launched.

  20. Debra

    We used the fastpass+ system in October and had no issues what so ever. We are now set up for a May trip. We stay on property and usually stay for a week. Although the system makes you chose 3 fast passes we don’t use them all. I am looking forward to the additional fast passes and being able to use them in other parks; we have park hopper or annual passes when we go. There is a lot more to do at WDW than rides and we are comfortable skipping extremely busy rides and finding something else to do. Relax and enjoy the vacation days!

  21. Chris in SC

    Greetings All,

    I am a bit confused at the responses and Emotions that Fast Pass Plus has caused. So I want to see if I can break this down.

    Main Complaints:
    • Can’t Get Enough Fast Passes at once.
    • Can’t Park Hop with FP+
    • Kiosks will be mobbed
    • The old system was better
    • Unfair to day Passers
    • Making the lines longer
    • Can’t have multiple Thrill Ride passes at once (such as TT and Soaring)
    • And then Some how unfair to non Resort guests

    Ok I am sure I missed a few. But now I want to see if I can add my opinion in. AGAIN this is MY OPINION

    Main Complaints:
    • Can’t Get Enough Fast Passes at once.
    o Well if we could all reserve the most popular rides then the FP line would be longer than standby.
    • Can’t Park Hop with FP+
    o With the FP+ reservation it is a jump start advantage to your first park of the day. It is to help keep
    you from having to do the dash to the FP kiosks of old days.
    • Kiosks will be mobbed
    o If you remember the olden days all the Kiosks were mobbed for the entire morning most of the times.
    There were times the lines at toy story mania were shorter then the line to receive its fast passes. And
    with in just a few ours of rope drop all the FP for the day were gone.
    • The old system was better
    o If I remember the old system had basically the same limitations with out the ability for any FP
    reservations before making it to the parks. You couldn’t get a lot of fast passes at once you had time
    limits. And you couldn’t park hop with that system of fast passes either. Meaning you get a fast pass
    in epcot you either used it there or had to go to another park to get one. I could keep going.
    • Unfair to day Passers
    o Day passers still have the ability to get there at Rope Drop and get the a FP and treat the system like
    you would the old system.
    • Making the lines longer
    o Fast Passes don’t make the lines longer only the number of people does. If there are 50 people then
    no matter what system you can only get a line of fifty people.
    • Can’t have multiple Thrill Ride passes at once (such as TT and Soaring)
    o I answered this earlier. In the old system you couldn’t get multiple thrill ride passes at once so no real
    change here.
    • And then Some how unfair to non Resort guests
    o I am not sure how its unfair to anyone. Disney will always give advantages to those who stay on site as
    that is how they make the most money.

    Ok well those are just some of my opinions. At the end of the Day if you had to pick between normal day (work and or School) or a day at Disney with any system then I think Disney would win our regardless.

  22. Lisa

    From my understanding from a blog I am in you can park hop and us FPP. For example. You start and MK and hop to EP later in the day. You plan for late day FPP in epcot. Be at MK for rope drop, and ride rides using the standby line. Be there early and have a plan. Hop to epcot and you will have all your FPP reservations for there.

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