Comments for Skylanders Trap Team revealed, firing warning shots as Disney Infinity 2.0 approaches


  1. star-w

    woah seems like a big compotion there but dinsy infinty 2.0 is better cause it has MARVEL IN IT skylander trap team eh there is no invivation other than the crystal traping things witch just piggybanked the disney infinty power dics REAL INIVATIVE ACTAVISION!!!

    1. Firebolt11111

      The trapping crystals aren’t a copy of the power discs. Do some research.

      1. jonasbrothersdgfh

        The idea of collectable pices are! Hate activision now cause skylanders are a crap franchice now. All they want is more money by making shiity new charecteras

        1. star-w

          i coundnn’t agree more the fanschise stared great but it’s now a money milker already

          1. Valentin morin

            Sorry skylanders I burnt you august 17

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