Skylanders Trap Team revealed, firing warning shots as Disney Infinity 2.0 approaches

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On April 30, Disney Interactive will unveil Disney Infinity 2.0 adding Marvel characters to the already large video game world.

But competitor Activision has preemptively struck back by unveiling their next toy-based game: Skylanders Trap Team.

20140423-140208.jpg< Andy Robertson of Family Gamer TV shares with Inside the Magic information and two videos from the New York launch event of Skylanders Trap Team.

Skylanders Trap Team sports a new portal with built in speaker that allows players to use “trap” toys to capture defeated enemies and play with them in the game.

Of most interest to Disney fans are the Trap pieces themselves that are inserted into the Portal and look like they may act like Infinity’s Power Discs. Certainly they open a similar add-on revenue stream for Activision.

The game will offer 50 new and returning Skylanders and 40 enemies that can be captured and played.




Below is Andy’s exclusive interview with game’s executive producer.

In the video he talks about Disney Infinity 2.0 with Skylanders developers. Other topics include limited gender choice in Swap Force (a topic that Disney Infinity initially was criticized for), hinting that the new Trap Masters characters will be both male and female.

The video below also provides a closer look at the new Starter Pack, suggesting that two new Skylanders Elements for Trap Team are on the way:

More video can be found here.

Activision’s Skylanders popularized the video game genre of using physical figures to interact with on-screen play via a “portal” device. Disney piggybacked on the idea, utilizing their famous characters, making Infinity an instant hit. Now with Marvel soon joining the Disney Infinity universe, it will be interesting to watch the competition grow between the two gaming giants.

Skylanders Trap Team will be released on Wii, Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on 5th October in the US.

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