Comments for VIDEO: Idina Menzel performs “Let It Go” at Academy Awards as “Frozen” wins double Oscars with Best Animated Feature, Original Song


  1. Shawn

    It was sad to see it cut. I think it made Idina nervous and it was not at her peak performance.

  2. Nick

    They whacked quite a bit. The original is 3:44. That was 2:26

  3. Amie

    They cut the song way too much and on top of it the music a fast in several spots so I can understand why Idina was nervous, but damn she is still amazingly talented!!!

  4. Kelly

    Love Idina! The soundtrack was totally rushed and not fair to her. You could tell she wasn’t happy with her performance. Boo at the people running the Oscars.

  5. Chaz

    In all honesty, live performances are not Idina’s strongest points, despite her being best known as a Broadway performer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Idina, it’s just she always seems very nervous anytime she performs live, and it sometimes shows. I actually respect her for continually doing what she loves even though many other performers on Broadway are . . . a little better.

    That being said, that was actually one of the best live performances of hers I’ve seen. Aside from that last note, that was as good as many of her “Wicked” performances.

    And I’m not surprised the song was abridged. The same thing happened with “I See the Light.”

    Anyways, I’m very satisfied that the Oscars are (finally) giving Walt Disney Animation Studios the respect they’ve earned. Well done to the entire cast/crew of “Frozen.”

    1. Michelle

      Many people who do theater don’t do well in live performances because in theater they are someone else. In this, Idina couldn’t hide behind a character… it was all her. I thought she sounded good, considering the fact that the accompaniment was way too fast. It seemed as though she was having to rush to keep up with it. For an award winning song, I think it was terrible that so much of it was cut—- Had she been given time to perform the entire piece in the meter in which is was written, I have no doubt it would have been a showstopper.

  6. Steve and Nicole

    Not fair that none of the other singers get rushed, but they cut Idina’s number because the show was running long…Ellen’s entire pizza delivery routine could have been cut to fit the whole song in.



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