Comments for Review: “Frozen” Blu-ray packs visual punch, but leaves fans clamoring for 3D release with more extras


  1. Jenniffer

    They call this a proper release??? That is no REAL collectors edition.I’d rather they wait and release the whole 3D set instead of having desperate fans buy two combo packs. Very disappointed disney! Get back on track!

  2. Since1976

    This is the first instance I’ve seen of a 3D version intentionally being released much later than the first 2D Blu-Ray release (rumor has it set for October).

    Disney wins both ways with this: people *will* snap up this version (including 3DTV owners who just can’t wait), and then when the Christmas buying season rolls around they’ll double dip on the “3D Diamond Edition.” Consumers will get mad, but Disney will shrug it off.

    Me? I’m not playing that game. 3D or nothing.

    1. knight

      same here. I didn’t update to 3d to have to wait. this is rediculous.

    2. Bah

      Just rent it at Redbox for $1.30 (or TPB) if you need to see it again before Di$ney decides to stop f*cking us all.

    3. Madda

      In the UK you can buy the 2d and 3d version of Frozen in the Disney stores although the 3d version doesn’t have any special features just the film.

  3. Bruce

    For me… they loose this way. I will buy the 2D release now, but I will not dish out any more money for a 3D release when it comes. If there was a 3D release today… I would have put out the extra money for it. They just lost out on the extra money they could have got from me with a proper release. Ohh well.. this way I have a little extra money for a coffee at Starbucks. 🙂

    1. Gil

      In the exact same boat here. Kept an eye out for the 3D release but sadly nothing. Had to suck it up and get this 2D release for my daughter. Won’t bother with the 3D when it gets released. It’s a cheap move on Disney. They’ve lost some of their credibility in my book.

  4. Tony

    I just ordered the 3D version on Amazon UK, playable on US players

  5. Rip Off

    I can’t believe Disney released Frozen without the 3D version. One word to describe Disney’s purposeful oversight..greedy.

    1. DisneyFan97852

      Just be happy you get a version of the movie.

      1. @ disneyfan97852 you don’t have high end electronics

        1. JennA81

          Hahaha so true!! I collect 3-D just cuz my tv and player are so awesome…people who can’t or won’t upgrade have no idea what they’re missing out on! I don’t even have small kids but love animated 3-D cuz it looks so amazing I’ll wait till Frozen comes out on 3-D 😉

  6. Gary

    I bought the frozen today but probably will return it as it has a 90 day return policy, but I will think about it if to keep this or send back, I do want the 3d in October because I might buy a 3dtv in the future and this would be good as my first 3d to watch it on. So it’s a decision for me on this whether I keep this or return it. I got 90 days to do it.

    1. Deanna

      seriously in october my little girl is gonna start a revolution

  7. I Can accept the Disney’s decision for not releasing it on 3d movie world wide, what I cannot accept is that they did not control the release of the movie international. You should be ashamed of yourself who ever had the rotten Idea; you deprived the consumer with your action. With this, I will not patronize any of the Disney products as an act of protest. I hope the citizens of this country will do the same….

  8. TigerShark

    Not buying it until it comes out in 3D.

  9. The 3D sales may not be as high as Disney would like them to be. The most common consumer will buy the Blu-ray/DVD set. The 3D version may be considered a luxury to most. Just a thought!

    1. laurie

      With the outstanding success of this movie, Disney should expect that those that own the equipment would 2 ant to purchase the 3D version. Very disappointed in Disney.

  10. I am actually more bummed out that Saving Mr. Banks is not available in a Blu-ray/DVD combo…

  11. Jon

    Im very upset with Disney on this one. I SERIOUSLY hope they reconsider about 3D. I work at walmart and had alot of people inquiry about a 3D version. I myself will not be buying it. And they have to stop with chopping up the combo packs and still charge almost the same price. Thats why I still have yet to buy Oz, which I wanted. How are you gonna charge the same price and have just 3D with digital copy?! Thor 2 was ok but it was missing the dvd. But it still was the same price. And thats why I also have Thor 2. Im just gonna find a coworker that doesnt want their digital copy of both and own it that way.

  12. Artamus

    They were wrong to release it at all this early – last week it was STILL in the top ten at theaters! Frozen could have easily overtaken Hunger Games as the number one movie , if they’d done the sensible thing, and released it in ALL formats in the fall.

    Now, with this premature release, it’ll be tough for it to make $400 million domestic – it could have gone much higher.

    I love the film, but I won’t pay a penny for it until they release the 3D version. Many will double dip though, so the greedy suits get to laugh all the way to the bank, as usual.

    1. Joe W

      I agree 100%. They released to home video way too early. Has anyone ever released a movie to home video when it is still in the top ten in movie ticket sales? Of course when they made the decision when to release to home video they did not know it would still be in the top ten. I imagine the theater operators are none to happy about this, also. This is going to cost them millions in ticket sales. This movie could have easily gone over $1.1 billion world wide but it will probably come up a little short of that.

  13. Mike

    Disney big problem is with greed. 1st of all Disney over charges for their 3D versions more than any other studio, and this IMO helps with their loss in sales… If that is their compliant as to why they didn’t bother with a 3D edition of Frozen.. Or a marketing stunt to see how many people will buy an over priced digital 3D version off of Vudu. Could this be possible?? I think they are with hopes of a disc-less future and in a process of forcing it on consumers. Digital bought copies are the biggest rip offs for the fact they don’t cost them a dime to produce as there aren’t any disc pressing and packaging made.
    I call Disney out as obvious greedy sob’s. And they can please drop that tired “in the vault” crock.. Greedy

    1. EricJ

      Okay–I’ll try again: Did NOBODY read the link?

      For those who didn’t–It’s an early sales flyer for a new wave of Disney books, as part of a toy wave hitting October 7. Which is, you will notice on your calendar, a Tuesday.
      There has been speculation–nothing confirmed, as Ricky noted back in February–that Anna & Elsa would get their official “Princess coronation” in summer after all, starting said new wave of marketing, and culminating in a big blitz on a certain Tuesday in October, just in time for the holiday sales.
      And why?….No, I’ll save it. It’s too good. You can just go and read their sales-marketing pitch for “Super Synergy” for yourself. 🙂

      …Does that clear up any “mysteries” about their “greed” and “digital experiments”, I dearly hope?

    2. Nikita

      Actually it can cost 2xs as much to stream a DVD then it does to burn and ship one. It’s a common assumption because one would THINK that a digital version would cost less but in actuality the power, servers, backups, digital rights management, contracts, tech support, security, etc etc it all adds up. It’s even better for the environment to buy the damn thing. I still stream tho. About 90% of my entertainment is in the cloud where I basically don’t “own” anything I stream non stop cause it’s easy for me and cheaper than paying cable. Which is why I like my combo+ packs. I get multiple backups and even if I get digital rights revoked which could happen I’ve got a disc still. I’m irked there was no 3d version too, especially since it was released in the UK. Won’t be buying the 3d vudu, but since I now love this movie and since in a Disney wh0r3 I’ll prob buy it anyway with a coupon on amazon or something. It’s just a movie the people worked hard as hell on it and I figure since I rarely get shilled by theaters I pay less by waiting to buy the movie than if I’d gone and seen it. Buying the combo at $20 and the 3d at what I’ll assume another $20 will be less than the price of the three of us seeing it once in theaters. Just my take. I created an acct to post this but I’ll prob not return. 🙂

      1. EricJ

        There were crackpot rumors–uh, but only hearsay, of course, since they came from somebody who talked to -somebody- who was a rep for Disney Store, who SAID they got a memo from the company about disk manufacturing problems making it impossible for the 3D version to hit day/date with the 2D–but most fans quickly dismissed and discredited such nonsense.
        It wasn’t greedy, devious, or industry-dooming enough.

        Even if it explained why we got a perfectly good “soft” digital version and no hard disk.

  14. Carly

    I am very disappointed that Frozen is not available to buy in 3D. I will NOT be buying any other version of the movie Frozen. I don’t know what Disney is doing,and if this keeps happened, I believe Disney will be losing a great deal of customers including me…… 🙁

    1. EricJ

      (If you “don’t know what Disney is doing”, um, did you try reading the two or three paragraphs right ABOVE yours?)

  15. Tazz

    ok a little disappointed in the special features. But who cares about the fake behind the scenes? Its not a live action movie packed with special effects where behind the scenes is a must.

    I really care about are deleted scenes and some documenteries. The one I care about is the history of Disney trying to adapt “Snow Queen” which is on. I wish though there was commentary…but that’s it.

    Are they going to release a delux edition? Probably, a movie as big as Frozen deserved better special features. But don’t forget this is one of the best Disney movies ever made…the best in years.

  16. pirate

    Torrent time until they fix it. I don’t want to pirate but they are forcing me to.

  17. Brian

    3D is still very weak compared to what it will be, everyone here complaining will still by both.

    1. Jayce

      Not really I will not double dip. I’m waiting for the 3D disc, if I get to antsy I’ll just order the UK 3D version but probably not. Come to my house every week until it’s released in 3D and verify for yourself if you want. I will NOT but it twice 😉

  18. Jonathan

    This is terrible how could you not release a frozen 3D if it came out in theaters that way. Very disappointed and i believe in supporting films but you do this its no wonder people rather download it then spend money on it. Waste of money knowing there is a better way to watch it.

  19. tovich

    Don’t understand why no 3D also but my biggest gripe is no making of feature The Making Of Frozen …you think you would be getting the standard bunch of extras of behind the scenes making of…but no it is a musical number with some of the cast members asking the musical question ..how did they make Frozen …at the end they say we don’t know…which would have been a cute into in to the making of Frozen but that’s it!!!NO BONUS MAKING OF FEATURE… Really ???? It is like they are mocking those who bought the blu ray …we thought you would like to know and you may have purchased this for those features…but ha ha there aren’t any on here. Very perplexing why they would do this. If I wanted to see the movie again only it is still in the theatre I would go see it. I want my extras. Many studios are doing similar flim flams with extras, extended cuts and what nots …blue ray used to mean you automatically got those now you have to do intensive research just to find out what your are actually paying for and if you should wait for a more complete release. I try to support movies I hope they will make more of ..I never have but there are many ways to get these movies online for free if the studios continue to try to rip us off..I may not bother to support home releases and just get them for free.

  20. Mary

    My kids and I were extremely disappointed by the “Making of Frozen” “bonus” feature. It was patronizing fluff that never addressed anything. It’s ironic that one of the other bonus features had a veteran Disney Cast Member recalling that Walt Disney told her something like “If we give Guests our very best — a complete experience — they will be back. If Guests feel cheated, we will never see them again.” I felt cheated by the “Making of Frozen” feature.

    1. Ben

      Oh that is Disney’s way of saying “Oh you wanted to know how we made the movie, oh that is going to be in our next disk set, the really really expensive one, but thank you for your money now, we will take your money later as well… sucker” The “Making of Frozen” is literally the production staff singing about how they ripped you off, dancing and singing in gleeful gloating.

  21. Nicole

    Go to U.K. Amazon page, you can buy the 3D release along with Blu Ray for about $30.00 including shipping. It will play in all players because it’s region free. I will NOT be buying the U.S. version only to upgrade later.

  22. Priscilla

    I was so disappointed with these features and completely agree with this review. I preordered Frozen from the Disney Store to get the lithograph set. I’ve done this with Pixar films I loved before and of course wasn’t disappointed. This is the first time I wished I waited. The lithographs were nice, but not nearly enough Elsa. Not even a shot of the castle! But the special features were so limited. I wanted MORE deleted scenes! I wanted MORE behind-the-scenes! This is supposed to the be the Collector’s Edition for Pete’s Sake! Also, articles were saying the blu-ray was supposed to come with Breaking the Ice-the REAL making of Frozen. I don’t know why they took that out! Now I have to wait for the dreaded “Diamond” Edition to get the BluRay I wanted in the first place. I’m very disappointed to say the least.

  23. I loved the movie. I cannot watch 3D anyway. I get headaches during 1 hour of the 3D movies in the movie theaters anyway. We don’t have a 3D TV nor 3D Blu-Ray player. I have a Blu-Ray player and I rather get the DVD of it. Disney DVDs look great on the upscale player. I have a 32″ TV in my room and we have a 42″ in the living room, don’t see much difference. Also with 3D, I hate to wear those glasses for 2 hours or so! I stick with 2D films, thank you!

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