Review: “Frozen” Blu-ray packs visual punch, but leaves fans clamoring for 3D release with more extras

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There’s no denying “Frozen” is a smash hit for Disney. With fans repeatedly seeing the film in theaters, playing its soundtrack on repeat, and rapidly downloading digital copies of it online, there’s no doubt today’s Blu-ray release will be a big seller. But following up such a phenomenon with an equally monumental release is tough and Disney hasn’t quite delivered, at least not yet.

“Frozen” looks absolutely flawless in its high-definition Blu-ray presentation. Colors pop, lines are crisp, and the beautifully rendered film is simply gorgeous on HD displays. However, this is a movie that definitely benefits from being seen in 3D – and yet no 3D Blu-ray release has been made available in the United States. Though there is a 3D digital version available online, no 3D version of the included short “Get a Horse!” is available anywhere, a huge detriment to enjoyment of its 2D-meets-3D, retro-versus-modern antics. It’s a disappointment to not be able to own that at home.

But the casual viewer will find no problems with the 2D presentation of “Frozen,” ready for repeat sing-alongs of “Let It Go,” conveniently accessed by skipping to chapter 5 on the disc.

The included extra features are good, but leave fans desiring more from a movie that has become a worldwide smash success. “The Making of Frozen” is quite entertaining, featuring the stars and filmmakers performing a musical that never actually tells how the movie was made. But that has already been released online. “D’frosted” tells the tale of how Walt Disney was interested in Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen” decades ago, with a look at the art of Disney Legend Marc Davis in developing a related ride and characters. It’s the only really good bonus feature on the disc.

A few storyboarded deleted scenes offer little value, though it is interesting to see what Elsa would have been like as a villain. The included music videos are skippable, unless you’re a Demi Lovato fan.

Ultimately it would surprise no one if Disney re-releases “Frozen” a few months down the line in a much more complete “ultimate” or “diamond” edition with 3D and more complete extras. Until then, fans will surely take their wallets out, look at their money, and “let it go.”

“Frozen” is available now on Blu-ray from Amazon and all major retailers.

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