Comments for LEGO Movie Experience debuts at LEGOLAND California with sets, characters and a whole lot of awesome


  1. star-w

    it looks awesome to bad it’s to far away 🙁

    1. star-w

      also is it me or legoland california ALWAYS get the better stuff than legoland florida it’s just unfair

  2. itselguapo

    You know I was pretty hype for the lego movie, right when I saw the first trailer way back last year. I went to go see it and wow… Best movie of the year so far. I loved all the characters Unikitty being the best one. I just love that legoland has the ENTIRE set. Its really cool that they did this. Can’t wait for the next movie. Hopefully the story will be just as cheesy as this one. Seriously I loved this movie all the parts where batman kept saying “well there is no way we’ll get this” then the plot just demands that the thing appears out of nowhere. Its freaking brilliant.

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