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  1. JMo

    They REALLY need to remove Lance Armstrong from the ending!!

    1. Mark Eades

      I agree. When we were producing the 1993 update, (my last completed project for Disney, though I worked on Honey, I Shrunk the Audience for a while) I fought hard to not end on sports figures. They did not update the film again until late 2007.

      The danger with sports figures, is that negative stuff seems to happen with them at times.

      So yes, I agree, Disney should redo the sequence and take Lance Armstrong out of the show.

      1. Brad Day

        …and Rudy Galindo, too! I knew him casually in San Jose at that time…biggest coke-head you’d ever meet…

      2. kristie

        What is the name of the song in this show? I’m trying to find it… Please let me know. Nobody syncs music and art like Disney Imagineers! Thank you!

  2. Carlene Gonzalez

    Thank you for all of the hard work and nightmares thant you had to go thru. Love your work. I was able to go once to Disney World I loved everything with no complaints. My dream is to go back again. Thank you for all the movies to.
    Hope to see again CARLENE GONZALEZ.


    yeah remove Lance Armstrong too!

    1. Tom

      Just saw it this past weekend and had the same thought as others, “What is Lance Armstrong doing in this montage?” come on now that edit would take no time.

      1. Mark Eades

        While I agree Disney should remove Lance Armstrong ASAP, I also know it’s not as easy as editing it out.

        The Golden Dream sequence is one long piece of film with no actual edits. Now they could do it in a computer and spit out a whole new piece of film. When I did the 1993 version (which lasted until 2008) it was all done on an optical printer. A long and costly process.

        The film at American Adventure is still film, due to the very unique projection set up. So it has not gone to a digital projector yet, like all the other EPCOT films have, or will be soon.

  4. Wendy Bright Faust

    A friend of mine shared this article with me – I’m Randy Bright’s daughter, and it’s fantastic to know his work is still so admired today. Loved reading your story, Mark, about how he hired you as an Imagineer. His legacy still lives on through the many talented people he was fortunate to work with. Hard to believe it was nearly 24 years ago that he passed away. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Mark Eades

      Wendy, really great to hear from you. I sent you an email and would love to talk with you. Mark Eades

  5. Reesie

    I wish they would have included the Miracle on Ice in the new version. It was important when the original came out. With the Cold War being on everyone’s mind, it was a nice bit of modern day history.

    Taking out Armstrong (which I’m all for) is harder than it sounds. Plus, there’s a new plaque in the lobby detailing all the figures in the montage. His name would have to be removed from that as well.

  6. Andrew Jackson

    Hey cousin. Greetings from Indiana. Enjoying your Imagineering stories. You should post a story of how you drive back from Indiana to California with a new kitten named Acey Duecey.

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  8. MrSalta

    This my second favorite Epcot attraction (yes, the Judi Dench version of Spaceship Earth takes the prize), but it is absolutely spectacular on many different levels.
    It sounds fascinating and exciting to have been there for its production. The anecdotes from these stories are great. Good work, Mark, and I look forward to more.

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