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  1. Since1976

    Since his voice is still used in some form, does Paul still get his free pass 🙂 ?

    It’s funny and kind of cool he cares more about the free passes for him and his friends than the loss of his vocal performance.

    1. Yes he should, as little bits of his voice is still used in the attraction in the queue area.

  2. DaleT

    This has always been one of my favorite stories of Mark’s.

  3. Donald

    I always thought it was a little morbid with him in the queue being defective and muttering nonsense. That protocol droid should be ashamed for taking good droid jobs!

    (I love C-3P0 as the pilot, so I guess I can’t complain)

    1. Just remember, the current version of Star Tours takes place earlier in time. So RX-24 had not been perfected yet. Just like you are riding in the Starspeeder 1000. In the first version of Star Tours, it was thought that RX-24 (Rex) had been perfected. And you got to fly in the Starspeeder 3000, the latest in a line of Starspeeders.

  4. Jeff Lynch

    Boy do I love these columns from Mark Eades. This is wonderful material. I love hearing the backstories on things from a real imagineer. Do you think Mark could ever do a MailBag type column and we could ask him questions? I would love for the chance to ask a real life imagineer a question.

    1. There will be future stories from me, keep checking back.

  5. Alex

    I wonder why higher ups had to be involved for the life time pass. (That part of the deal had to be approved at a very high level in the company by the way.) Is there some reason life time passes are such a rarity. Counterfeiting I suppose?

    1. I had authorization for a certain amount of money per the budget. The pass is not something I could give out, particularly what he was asking for. That was something given out to people very, very rarely. Let’s face it, getting into Disneyland is one of the ways the corporation makes money. So, it had to be approved at the highest level. I sent the negotiating point up the ladder and was prepared to find someone else, I had even started looking at some other similar voices.
      One note, it is only good for him. He cannot pass it on to any heirs.

  6. Paul is such a talent, it’s a shame that he was removed from the role. There always needs to be progress though. I wonder if some of his past mistakes weighed into the decisions? No matter he gave some great one liners here…I watched it twice!

  7. Chris K.

    I really wish Disney would have taken the opportunity to place an RX-24 in the background of a shot either in TFA or Rogue 1. No matter how small, or fleeting… just a glimpse would have been wonderful to tie Star Tours into cannon of the films.

    (Or, been a bit more bold and have placed a Starspeeder in one of the many spaceports / space battles / junkyards.)

    Feels like a wasted opportunity.

    1. VJ

      Star Tours is already part of canon! A Star Tours ship played a small role in a Season 1 episode of Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels, also featuring the return of Paul Reubens as an RX droid. Safe to say that means it exists in the Star Wars universe. 😉

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