Comments for A Marvel-ous plot at Disneyland – The park’s changing landscape as superheroes move in to Innoventions


  1. Larrytalk

    I’m a Disneyland Annual Passholder and Huge Marvel Fan. me & my family do exactly that. Go to Innovations and straight to the Marvel stuff. We do ignore the rest. Would love for more Marvel at Disneyland Or DCA. good article.

  2. Chaz

    I’d love to see more of Marvel and Star Wars in the parks, given that we continue to get new material based on original Disney properties, but I could do without Oz altogether.

  3. I welcome more Marvel and Star Wars characters and attractions at the parks. It is the natural evolution of things. Walt did it as he integrated his films into the parks and promoted them on television. If a good blend of edutainment can be made everyone wins. Plus, being a huge Marvel fan myself I would love to see them in all the parks worldwide.

  4. Jeff Lynch

    I think this is a really smart way to get people used to the idea of Marvel attractions in Disneyland. To me, it still feels weird to have Marvel stuff in Disneyland, but I think this is helping it ease into the place. I’d really like there to be an all-Marvel third gate but I doubt that will happen.

  5. Tim

    If they make Marvel attractions, that’ll make a Disneyland trip so much more desirable for me since WDW can’t make Marvel rides due to Universal.

  6. Cesar Jimenez

    I wanna see Spider-Man show up at Disneyland! He is a Marvel hero, and Disney owns Marvel now, therefore Spidey should be part of Disney! Come on! He is my most favorite super hero ever!

    1. Anthony

      Sony owns Marvels rights Spider-man bud

      1. Steven

        Disneyland now has spidey Mickey ears. Disney can do whatever they want with Spider-Man other than make love action movies

  7. Tim

    I would love to see Star Wars Land and Marvel become more prevelant in the parks. They are building the Iron Man Ride in Disneyland Hong Kong, maybe they could bring that to Disneyland? Also, maybe either a Thor or Captain America ride would be cool.
    They should definitely begin work on “Star Wars Land.” It’s sounds like it will be amazing, and have something finished before the 60th Anniversary next year.

  8. I’m one of those dull, tedious people who are against it…

    Let me begin by saying that I am not against ANY change in the parks. That’s a strawman and I can point to changes and additions to the parks that I do like (even things that other people apparently don’t, like Constance). My objection is motivated by two things: Disney branding and thematic consistency.

    1) When I go to DISNEYland, I want a DISNEY brand experience. Yes the Walt Disney Company may own Marvel and Lucasfilm and Pixar and Jim Henson Studios (and ESPN and A&E and ABC and part of Hulu), but the Disney brand itself is what I’m interested in engaging at Disneyland. It doesn’t help that I actively do not like Pixar or Star Wars, and I don’t give a hoot about Marvel, but it even holds with attractions I do like. I love the Indiana Jones ride, but it still feels incongruous. To me, all these things piling in gives the effect of a Universal Studios of inconsistent elements, which leads to the next objection…

    2) Piling all this stuff in leads to thematic inconsistency. To be fair, it’s not just Marvel or Star Wars… Pirates taking over Tom Sawyer’s Island (and Jack Sparrow taking over Pirates of the Caribbean) did it too. As more of franchises are piled in, the idea of a coherent theme to an area that is supported by all its elements seems to be dying off. What exactly is Tomorrowland supposed to be anymore? It just looks like Universal Studios: over there is Star Wars and over here is Pixar and in that corner is Marvel and then there’s Space Mountain, a holdover from what Tomorrowland used to be. Is there a way of sticking a Guardians of the Galaxy wrap on that? And they’d get away with it, because nobody cares. They just want a roller coaster with Captain America painted on the side (and, just as an aside, I still kinda’ think that Mickey’s Fun Wheel is actually a giant piece of satire… I’m not sure).

    Of course, I’m being a little unfair to Universal Studios there. Sure, USH is just an incoherent, unthemed mess of buildings, but I hear the Harry Potter in USO-IOA stuff actually has consistency and coherence (right down to the merchandise). And to be fair to Disney, stuff like New Fantasyland is totally going the right direction. But there they have the gift of space. Disneyland itself progressively feels like it’s just giving up.

    1. MrMarvel

      so long post just saying you think Disney is just Disney and all the time and money they spent growing their other brands after acquisition should be ignored?

      still think it’s better than some company buying stuff and then pretending like they down own it so they can pocket from 2 angles.

      1. Actually, I fully support them building a third (or fourth or fifth) gate that is exclusively Star Wars or Marvel. Go for it! That’s a great idea, because I don’t have to go there!

    2. Stephanie

      I think Iger really loves Marvel and wants a “land”. To me Marvel fits in Disneyland. I say that because the original lands at Disneyland were the popular things in the 50s. Cowboys, Silver suited Jetsons style future, fantasy/ princesses and knights, tiki/ adventure. I think they are cool in a retro/ inspiration for art by Josh Angle way, but they are outdated children’s interests for the most part. Now I would say kids main interest categories are princesses, Superheros, lord of the Rings/ Harry Potter type fantasy, Star wars / Star Treck , Pirates, and Spooky Halloween stuff. If Walt were alive today I think he would have tried to get the movie rights to Marvel characters just like he did for Mary Poppins and Peter pan and incorporated them into a Super hero land. I think they should do that in tomorrowland and move the Star wars stuff to a bigger more themed land. They could have the incredibles and big hero six in Superhero land for the younger kids. The Nemo subs are low throughput and are costly to maintain. I think everyone goes to Tomorrowland for Marvel, Star Wars, and Space mountain mostly so I think they have to make some kind of changes. Plus it was meant to be 1980 so it’s really 35 years in the past land. Walt definitely have made really major changes decades ago.

  9. EricJ

    It’s promotion–I remember seeing Prince Caspian at the park, and I was a Narnia fan who couldn’t -stand- the Caspian movie. I also remember meeting Milo & Kida, and Jim Hawkins & BEN, although some might not remember them ever being there, and I never did get to see Angelica with Jack Sparrow. (And we might well ask how long Thor is going to be around after Thor 2…)
    If they can promote a movie, that depends on how long the movie will be around, which certainly explains why nothing ever came of Oz. And Marvel is certainly cool at IOA, but it’s hampered by the fact that Universal didm’t really create an immersive world to go with some exterior design and better indoor rides. I’m sure Disney could’ve have done a better looking Storm & Rogue, though.

    Again, like the Avatar complaints, I’m one of the old-school fans who doesn’t necessarily think that every new property has to become a “NEW LAND!”; they just have to test their character appeal out one at a time. If it starts to work, like the Star Wars Weekend characters that grew out of just a little Studios theming for Star Tours, well, then…

  10. ChristopherTill

    It’s worth pointing out that these “attractions” were not created for Disneyland. I know the Iron Man 3 and Thor ones were set pieces made for ComicCon in San Diego and then repurposed for Innoventions. This was also done for the Flynn’s Arcade that was at DCA during ElecTRONica. It was originally made for San Diego as well
    I don’t know if this is the same for the Captain America attraction that is coming. I do know that an Agents of SHIELD room was created for the cruise ships that featured Captain America so this might be similar to that.
    My point is we have yet to see a true made for a theme park Marvel attraction.

  11. Debbie

    Just so excited about Marvel in the Innoventions building. Family adores these superheroes and when we visit, it’s always straight to the Iron Man exhibit and then to Asgard. LOVE it! if in fact any rumors are true, it would also be a great adventure to experience Oz!

  12. Alex

    As a HUGE Disney fan I think that integrating marvel into Disneyland is fine. But that is what it has to be, an integration. You can’t just slam Thor into Tomorrow land. It doesn’t make sense from a story telling point of view and besides entertainment, that is what disney is, story tellers. Iron man makes sense in Tomorrow land. It’s futuristic it’s sci-fi. Captain America is a stretch in from my point of view. It would make sense to have all these characters together if they turned innoventions into some sort of S.H.E.I.L.D base? It was set up for some reason that makes sense within the narrative of tomorrow land. Then you could throw every marvel character you want to at it because you have made a story that makes sense.

  13. Mike

    The original concept of Tomorrowland as a showcase for tomorrow’s technology is passé and mostly abandoned by the park already. Today’s Tomorrowland is just Fantasyland 2.0.

    So Disneyland ought to jump in with both feet, and rebuild Tomorrowland into a space that can tie together Marvel, Star Wars, and various futuristic Disney properties (like Buzz Lightyear) into a single concept, like “heroes” or “future fantasy.”

    This would create an opportunity to replace attractions that are aging (both physically and conceptually) with newer experiences and shows. Most of the center-left portion of Tomorrowland (Innoventions, Rocket Rods track, Autopia, submarines) should be torn down to free up space for new attractions.

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