Comments for Video: Inside the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as Imagineers Detail Vehicles, Ready Walt Disney World Ride for Spring Opening


  1. Anthony

    Can’t wait to ride this…but will have to as we are not back until 2016.


    I Can’t wait to ride it on September 2014!

  3. Megan

    I just want to know what Snow White and the dwarfs are going to look like!!!

  4. Holly

    Spring? Wonder if they will do AP previews in mid March…

    1. Vanessa

      Azevinho, acredito que em março de 2014 já estará aberta essa atração. As férias da Primavera nos EUA oficialmente começam em meados de março.

  5. Natalie

    Cant wait to ride this!!! Out of everything in New Fantasyland, this is what Im most looking forward to seeing!

  6. Lynda

    It looks like it will be a bit like Big Thunder – is that true???

  7. joy

    can u finish it by Jan 27th please

  8. Chaz

    Imagineers spend years and years creating an experience that only lasts 3 minutes. It’s kind of funny.

    Anyways, I can’t wait for this ride to open, even if I will likely never experience it in person for another several years.

    1. Bill

      it will last more than 3 minutes. It will be here for decades to ride again and again!

      1. Chaz

        Oh, you know what I mean ; )

  9. Tina McNeil

    Hoping they’re at Least doing a soft opening when I’m there the beginning of March!

  10. Ben Slomowitz

    that is cool…can’t wait for it to open soon this spring.

  11. Snowwhite

    We are going in 19days… I wish it would be open by then

  12. Waltdisneyfan

    Does anyone know if it will be open by March 20th? We are heading there during spring break and would really like to ride it. Last year we got to see part of it being built and so excited to ride it!

  13. dvc member CS

    Has anyone heard of a possible soft opening date? I have seen March first on a blog site, but nothing official. Anyone else have more information?

  14. Claire

    OMG wow I hav waited since dec 2012 for this and will be going back nov 2014 I collect everything dopey and am so looking forward to riding this with my kids

  15. Laurie

    It’s suppose to open the day we arrive to MK!!

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