Comments for PHOTOS: First look at Festival of Fantasy parade floats arriving at Walt Disney World featuring “Tangled” and “Cinderella”


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    xavier mora

    The second picture of the parade float is from a parade from tokyo disneyland.

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    Absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to see them. 🙂

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    Chibi Halo

    I overheard one park cast member telling some guests today that at least one of the floats for the new parade will be so tall it’ll be larger than some of the buildings. A huge part of the reason Splash Mountain is down at the moment has more to do with the parade than the regular maintenance that someone else said yesterday. What he was telling them is that in order for this new parade to actually work the concrete in Splash Mountain has to be reinforced because of how massive the floats will be. This makes a lot of sense because I could see welding going on inside the attraction.

    From what he was saying, as I came in the middle of their conversation, the whole parade will have the feel of the Fantasmic show over at Hollywood Studios. He asked the two ladies what they thought of Fantasmic show and not just the dragon in that production. It really sounds to me that the Maleficent dragon that the official Disney Parks Blog revealed is going to be a major part of this parade and it won’t just be a big push for the princess heavy expanded Fantasyland. He did mention things about Tokyo, which has me thinking either the floats are being inspired by the parades and celebrations done in Tokyo and Hong Kong Disneyland or they’re going to be brought over from both places. The balloon that Mickey and Minnie are going to ride in is directly influenced by the balloon float used in the Hong Kong Disney fifth anniversary celebration parade from three years back.

    He really couldn’t go into greater detail because A. I assume like every major video game company out there the cast members have to sign Non Disclosure Agreements and B. because of who his roommate is and the position he has within the Disney World side of the company he could get a lot of people in trouble by giving away too much. I know I heard one of the women mention an upcoming Disney film coming out this year and that they would want the parade ready in time for that, which had me looking up spring films from Disney and only getting Maleficent in May and Muppets Most Wanted in March. This has me thinking the women were hoping for a May start to this new parade. However, the cast member did have this to say, take every rumored release date for the parade with a huge grain of salt because no one will tell when the date is so people aren’t disappointed if the parade doesn’t start when they make the trip to Disney World this year.

    The one bright side to all the rumors and sneak peeks is this, the Frontierland cast member I overheard talking to either the family member of a cast member or a retired cast member said they hoped to finish the Splash Mountain renovations and upkeep in time for the Spring Break season. So at least people have that to look forward to. In the meantime Disney does have a bit of a Main Street dance party celebration mini parade going on for a while to tide over the crowds until they get the new parade set to go this year.

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    Wouldn’t it be amazing if they came up with a floating lantern festival at Disneyland?!

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    Little bit disappointed in my opinion. The Tangled float is clearly the Lilo and Stitch float from Tokyo Disneyland.

    Saw the videos of the floats arriving and the only float I was impressed with was the dragon float.

    Everything else were too small and plastic for any Disney park. I am looking forward to seeing the whole parade so maybe it can change my mind, despite the absence of Toy Story, The Lion King, Princess & the Frog and Frozen though!

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