Museum of the Weird to be unveiled in Marvel's 'Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird' #2 with Imagineer variant cover - Inside the Magic

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  1. Eric B. Freeman

    Speaking of comics, Ricky, what would you think if Disney could acquire Garfield someday?

    1. Ryan R

      Why would you want them to own Garfeild?

      1. Eric B. Freeman

        Because, well, I don’t know, maybe because, in my opinion, I know the fact that Disney has owned some of the famous characters and franchises like The Muppets, Marvel, and Star Wars and I think they could own Garfield, too. And it would be so cool if that famous fat cat could be part of the Disney family. 🙂

        So if they do, they could probably create attractions based on Garfield to their theme parks, and they could produce a fully animated feature film reboot of Garfield, too. Like it would be better than two of the live-action film versions with Bill Murray as a voice of CGI Garfield, you know what I mean?

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