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  1. Chaz

    So “Frozen” has the largest wardrobe of any Disney movie. That’s interesting. Makes me wonder which movie has the smallest wardrobe.

    “Bambi,” I guess. No one wears anything in that movie.

    1. stephen landsman

      Which reminds me that due to his lack of pants, Donald Duck cartoons were originally ba.nned in Finland

      1. Kristjan B

        There is a popular urban legend that Donald Duck was once banned in Finland for not having any pants. This myth was sparked by an incident in 1977, when Helsinki councilman Markku Holopainen proposed discontinuing the use of city funds for the purchase of Aku Ankka comics for youth centers, to cope with the city’s financial difficulties. The following year, as Holopainen was running for a Parliament seat, his opponent called him “the man who banned Donald Duck from Helsinki”. Holopainen lost the election

        1. Kristjan B

          The text above can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aku_Ankka

  2. EricJ

    You…didn’t know about the Snow Queen? (Well, granted, it’s not that well-known a story.)
    Admittedly, we get less of it in this movie than we got of Rapunzel in “Tangled”, but it’s still a bit of a mangle. At least it’s better than all the failed “kicked-around” Eisner-era attempts to do stories about “Will true love melt the Snow Queen’s heart?”

    (In the Andersen story, the Snow Queen wasn’t good, evil, -or- “misunderstood”, she just did her job–Someone had to keep the flakes flying, got a problem with that? Everyone keeps confusing her with the White Witch from Narnia, which probably adds to the misinterpretation, but she wasn’t the central character of the story.)

  3. Ashley

    It just hit me, Frozen has Norwegian influence and design all in it, so does that mean that we could be expecting some Frozen characters is the Norway pavilion in EPCOT?

  4. Norway

    Sorry, but being norwegian I just HAVE to correct one thing.. Rosemaling literally translates to “rose painting” and is a style of traditional decorative painting 😉

  5. Synne

    I don’t think the clothing was directly inspired by rose painting, but traditional norwegian clothing. It’s called “Bunad”, and the clothing in Frozen are very close in the design! Except from Elsa’s blue dress, that one is just fabulous! 🙂

  6. Cindy

    Norwegian trolls would have tails, of course. None are seen in this movie.

  7. Micaela

    And Olaf was originaly going to be a penguin. Also the parents died going to Flynn Ryder and Rapunzels wedding that’s why you can see them in the song for the first time in forever. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Tangled came out three years before Frozen and the parents died 3 years before going to their wedding

    1. stechira

      wow, wat u said makes sounds true micaela

  8. Cool


  9. Maddi


  10. Okay the film is supposed to be based on a Norwegian setting, but I find odd that the names are German (Elsa and Olaf) or Swedish (Sven) etc. Names like theese are rather unusual in this country. As a Norwegian I have to say that I don’t know anyone with those names. Norwegian alternatives to the names could be Else, Olav and Svein which are “more” Norwegian.
    Disney should have done a better backround check before creating the character’s names.

    Insulted Norwegian person.

    1. Norwegian

      Elsa is the norwegian version of Elisabeth. Sven and olaf is also norwegian, they are old vikingnames.

      1. Norwegian

        I need to correct myself, Elsa is a scandinavian version of Elisabeth. But the rest of the names are old norwegian vikingnames. Which is the reason they are unusual.

    2. Haakon

      Depends on what generation you’re part of, traditional names cycle in and out of use.

      What was sort of surprising was that the rich nobility used a-endings. I would have expected HRH princess Anne and HRH Queen Else, but those names might just sound too weird for the English audience, so they went with Elsa and Anna instead.

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