Comments for The Purge: Fear the Night produces an adrenaline-filled, frantic experience aimed at heightening Halloween


  1. Okay, now I’m curious – how on earth do they simulate delivering a baby?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      There’s a makeshift hospital room with a woman already in mid-labor on a table. She’s draped in a large gown covering her up in all the right places. An actor assumes the position, reaches under her gown, and pulls out a blood-soaked “baby.”

  2. crystal

    So I’m thinking about going this Saturday for some post-halloween haunts. Are there any tips? I found cheaper tickets on goldstar.com and they have different times…what time did you go? (I was reading yelp reviews about people having to wait for a long time).
    I’ve been listening to your podcast, and it seems like you had a good time. This is something you would recommend?
    Thanks for all your work!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I entered around 10pm and there was no wait to get in. My advice is to go in a lively group. I talked to someone else who said their group was dull and it made the whole experience rather lame and subdued. Whereas my group was outrageously over-the-top, playing along the whole time and interacting when told. That’s the best way to experience this. Get involved as much as possible.

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