Comments for Roger Rabbit steals the show at Mickey’s Halloween Party as Disneyland quietly offers hilariously animated meet-and-greet


  1. Theresa

    You look so happy Ricky! Nice to see we are all still kids at heart. This is how excited I get every time I see Max, Goofy’s son, and star of my favorite Disney movie… A Goofy Movie! I get giddy 🙂

  2. Chaz

    Ugh! I wanted to meet Roger Rabbit so badly, but my sisters were only there for the candy and wouldn’t let me go.

  3. Daniel

    You lucky dog. I’ve been trying to find Roger for a long time!

  4. Mitchell

    That’s a great picture Ricky! 🙂 I love Roger, I wish I could make it down to see him.

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